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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 13 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson, Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Namjoon's POV The scene before them was spread out in nothing but blood and ash. Y/N's side was losing more and more people. Minhyuk said he could smell more of her blood. That was the reason the Vampires frenzy had become so much worse. They were moving around faster, drinking form the Hunters. The wolves helped a lot but the number of men Changkyun had on his side didn't compare to the mortals around them. Two Vampires came up to Namjoon and he fired his crossbow. The Vampire caught it right before it hit his chest. The other Vampire behind him grabbed him and bit down on his arm. Namjoon cried out in pain while the other Vampire came over to him to drink as well. Luckily, Jaebum gave him something before they parted ways. He pulled out a bottle and sprayed it in the Vampires face just as he got up to him. He sprayed the other Vampire who was biting him and he let him go. They both were covering their eyes hissing. Jaebum gave him silver spray, the equivalent to Pepper spray but this was worse for them. Namjoon kicked the Vampire in front of him away and shot him with the crossbow. He turned to the other Vampire still lurking behind him but he suddenly had a sword lodged through his chest. He turned to ash and Namjoon saw Jin standing there, he had been the one to kill the Vampire. "Nice to see you still have my back." Namjoon said. "Always." Jin smiled. Jimin's POV Jimin stayed close to Jungkook he was always protective of him but his hidden gunslinger skills were impressive he had no idea he even knew how to hold a gun. Taehyung broke off to partner with Hoseok but he kept close just incase Jungkook or himself needed extra help. "I think we lost Namjoon hyung." Jimin said. Jungkook fired a shot in the distance catching a Vampire headed their way. He looked to Jimin, "Namjoon Hyung is with Jin hyung I think he'll be fine. We need move back." Jungkook said. Jimin nodded and they ran back closer to their set up. Jungkook was running low on ammo and Jimin had been relying on a chain and silver knuckles to fight Vampires off. He saw a dead body lying on the ground He quickly grabbed their sword and called to Jungkook to keep moving. He made him run before him and he looked back to see if anyone was still following them. He turned back around to see Jungkook being held up by the neck by another Vampire. His gun was empty he couldn't do anything. He came out of no where. "Kookie!" Jimin cried. Another Vampire came up behind Jimin grabbing his arm with the long sword. Jimin kicked at him and was able to punch him in the face. Even as the Vampire writhed in pain from the blow, his grip stayed firm on Jimin's arm. He twisted it up like he'd break his arm. Jimin could see from the side of his shoulder that their side was losing. He turned his head to look back at Kookie who was being fed on by the Vampire. Suddenly, the Vampire feeding on Jungkook was killed and Jungkook dropped to the ground. At the same time, Jimin was thrown along with the Vampire holding onto his arm. The wolf protecting Jungkook had flung them both, Jimin unintentionally, and then bit down on the Vampires head. His grip released, freeing Jimin and Jimin ran to Jungkook. Another Vampire stood before Jungkook and was helping him up. A female Vampire that looked older, perhaps in her early thirties if she had been human. She had a regale look to her and she smiled at Jungkook. Jimin came to Jungkook's side carefully. "Are you ok kookie?" he asked. Jungkook was holding on to his neck where he was bit. He nodded and said, "I'm fine." "Are you a friend or an enemy?" Jimin asked the woman suspiciously. She smirked and looked down at him, Jimin happened to notice more bodies coming from behind the trees. Jimin and Jungkook both moved back startled. The wolf that had imprinted on Jungkook, Minwo, shifted into a human. He was by their side and bowed to the woman. The woman smirked at Minwo, "I'm surprised a wolf knows who I am." she said. Minwo kept quiet as he looked up at her. She raised her hand in the air, hand open and waved it forward. The Vampires behind her moved out past Jimin, Jungkook and Minwo. Jimin and Jungkook turned to see where they were going. Their quick speeds moving past them in blurs and attacking Changkyun's men. She was on their side thank goodness. "Take me to whose in charge I don't want my men getting hurt by your Hunters weapons." she said. Jimin said, "The man in charge is in the mansion, I don't know where the next one in charge is." "What's his name?" she asked. "Jaebum." "Then I'll go find some that knows where he is. Go take care of your wounded. His blood is starting to make me hungry." she smiled at him. That smile was scary and he couldn't tell whether or not she was truly joking or was completely serious. Either way, Minwo shifted and Jungkook was helped by Jimin to get on top of Minwo. Jimin ran to find the others while Jungkook went to get his wounds tended to. Wonho's POV Wonho and Yoongi hurried down the halls following Jackson's scent. He could only hope Y/N was still alive, more and more of her blood was filling the halls. The strength of its scent told him that Jackson was with her, it was in the same direction as his scent. Mark went back out to help the others he didn't want him going out alone but there was no time to argue. When they got there, Changkyun was over top Y/N, a knife in his hand, he told her he loved her before he shoved the knife in her chest. "No!" he shouted. Wonho moved quick slamming Changkyun onto the wall. He grabbed him by the neck pulling him down to knee him in the stomach repeatedly. He punched him in the face making him stumble backwards. His ears rang with Y/N's broken breaths in them. Hoseok went to punch Changkyun again but Changkyun caught his fist. Punching him twice with his free hand before kicking him across the room. Hoseok back flipped in the air and landed on his feet. He came after Changkyun again. Right punch, left punch, right hook, upper cut. Each rapid swing Hoseok took was blocked by Changkyun's hands. Changkyun kicked him in the stomach, Changkyun was too strong for him to go against alone. "You killed her." Hoseok breathed upset. "I love her far too much to let anyone else have her. Including you." Changkyun said. He wiped his eyes, he had cried before he stabbed her but that didn't mean anything, he still stabbed her. Hoseok felt the initial shock of pain from her being stabbed. "She's not dead yet." Yoongi's voice said. He had set her body next to Jackson's. The knife was removed from her chest dripping with her blood. "He missed her heart." Yoongi said. Hoseok grabbed a part of the broken wall debris and smashed Changkyun's face with it. Yoongi came behind him aiming to stab him in the chest but Changkyun caught his hand. Changkyun threw Yoongi into Hoseok right as Hoseok was closing the distance between them. "Hoseok, she's suffered enough, let her die peacefully." Changkyun said. "You're the one that made her suffer." Hoseok growled. "We need to finish this fast." Yoongi said. Hoseok nodded, they both moved quick separating then coming up on each side of Changkyun. Yoongi went to kick him. Changkyun blocked his foot and Hoseok kicked the back of his calf. Changkyun was done on his knees just as Yoongi swung down with the knife he struck Y/N with. Changkyun caught his arm and forced the knife into Hoseok's leg causing him to groan in pain. Changkyun got to his feet twisting Yoongi's arm and then breaking it. Yoongi screamed in pain and Changkyun kicked Hoseok across the room. Changkyun grabbed Yoongi by the throat applying as much pressure as he could until he crushed his throat. Hoseok was slowly getting up, he looked to Yoongi that had a broken arm now, he was on the floor touching his throat with rough groans and gargles coming from him. He must've been in a hell of a lot of pain. "I'm sick of all of you. A King should have a Queen yet you claimed mine. She tells me she was carrying our baby after all this time, pregnant! To many of you have pushed me to becoming a murderer. I am the King you all are far to weak to kill me." She was pregnant when she was turned? They were married but he didn't know about their child? No wonder she held so much hate for him. He thought that her feelings would at least show up again but no she had blocked him out for that reason. She hated him for that reason. She had no problem dying for that reason. Y/N. Hoseok could barely move with his injured leg. He was just standing up when Changkyun grabbed him and flitted over to the desk smashing his head into it with so much force the desk broke. Changkyun gripped Hoseok's hair again and slammed his face into the wall. Hoseok thought he was imagining it, Y/N and Jackson hadn't moved for a while now but he swore he heard someone say, "Stop it." Changkyun continuously bashed Hoseok's head into the wall getting stronger and stronger than before. He heard something like a crash from outside and went to the window to see what was happening. His face looked grim, did the Hunters take over? Changkyun looked furious and worried at the same time. "Y/N, either way you had no intention of losing did you? You did this just to get back at me, my own wife hated me this much." Changkyun said. "I'll send you the one you love with my regards then." He flitted back to Hoseok, his head was killing him and being gripped by his throat wasn't any better. "Changkyun." Both Hoseok and Changkyun looked back to see Y/N standing up, her dress stained in the deep wine color of her blood. She was bloodied all over, her just standing up took almost all her energy. Jackson had moved, he was slowly waking himself up and sitting up. Changkyun looked back at her and both of them saw the tear roll down her face, in her hand one of her guns and it was aimed straight at Changkyun. Y/N's POV You shouldn't have expected him to not try and kill you. You didn't however expect him to miss. You weren't even sure he was aware that he had missed your heart. Your Vampire survival instincts tried to kick in but you were still in your Vampire form from drinking Changkyun's blood. It was true Vampire blood forced you into a vampire form and left you sort of stuck that way. You were still weak in that form. You needed blood to survive but right now you were being drained of everything you had left. Hoseok had pushed Changkyun off of you after he had stabbed you and Yoongi had come to you. Blood was pushing up into your mouth, "Yoon-gi. Go." you whispered helplessly. "Shush, We'll get you out of here." he said." He pulled the knife out of your chest gently. You still gripped onto his arm. With the blade out, your body wanted to heal but it was doing it slowly. At this rate, you'd bleed out and die before you got healed. You had tears running down your eyes, "Jack-son." you said. You pointed to him but moving too much was too hard. Yoongi picked you up and made his way over to Jackson while your eye caught Hoseok throwing punches at Changkyun. Yoongi gently laid you down next to Jackson. Your hand bent back and rested against Jackson avoiding his broken arm. Thank goodness he was still breathing. You felt your consciousness slipping though. You heard Yoongi say you weren't dead yet. He wasn't beside you anymore. They should've been here by now, you wondered if they had shown up. You had wasted enough time. You were begging for them to get into the mansion before Hoseok or Yoongi died. Where was Mark and the boys? Were they still alive? All these questions ran through your head as you slipped in and out of reality. You whispered, "I'm sorry Jackson." You were about to give in to this abyss waiting for you when you heard Hoseok scream in pain and then Yoongi. Your eyes opened up and you saw Yoongi on the ground, his hand to his throat. Hoseok was being tossed around by Changkyun. You saw him smash Hoseok's head into the desk. You hated seeing him like that. You made your hand hit Jackson, lightly calling his name. "Please Jackie- wake up." you cried lowly. You saw Changkyun smashing in Hoseok's head into the wall. "Stop it." you said weakly. The taste of blood was in your mouth and it mixed in with your tears. You pressed against Jackson again, you felt him moving. You could see his hand twitch. Come on Jackson you can do it, just wake up. Changkyun caught your attention again when you all heard the noise come from outside. Yes they were here! Took them long enough but they were here, you were excited. You willed your body to move, keeping your painful cries down until you were by Yoongi, he wasn't too far away from you. You grabbed the guns he brought with him Your twins you liked to call them. You grabbed one and forced yourself to stand. Changkyun had just grabbed Hoseok, not even noticing you moving when you finally aimed the gun at his heart. "Changkyun." you said loud enough for him to hear. They both looked at your battered and bloodied body. You were shaking violently but somehow your hand stayed steady enough for you to aim properly. You let your last tear shed for him and for this entire fucking situation. "Long live the King." you said. You pulled the trigger and it was like Changkyun was too stunned to believe you'd shoot him. He didn't move or react in enough time to avoid the bullet to his heart. He turned to ash freeing Hoseok of him. You smiled. It was done, everything was finally over. You didn't have to hold on anymore. You smiled at Hoseok who was looking at you stunned and getting up from the floor. You closed your eyes dropping to the floor. The last thing you saw was Hoseok's worried face and Changkyun's ashes by him. Yoongi on the ground gripping his throat looking at you in pain. The last thing you heard, the last thing you'd ever hear was Jackson and Hoseok screaming in worry and fear. "Y/N!" Do not go gentle into that goodnight. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Rage, rage...... Rage... Against the dying of the..... Light....... You were all out of fight. It was time to say it.


Why I gotta die tho!?! Go threw all that pain and revenge just to die.. Omgsh my hearteu!
Oh no!!! I got tears!!!! No no no I will not die!!!
Noooooo!😭😭😭 Nope, nope ,nope! She has to live...someone feed her some blood dammit!
Please tell me it's a lie and that she's not dead!! Btw I love that poem 😅
@VKookie47 I love that poem too I'm so glad you know it.