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So far we've looked at BTS and VIXX, but now let's talk about EXO!

Check it out here: BTS
EXO's concepts and song styles are SUPER varied so I'd love to see how the community answers this one :)

Do you prefer soft or dark (or should I rather say "intense") EXO?

1. Happy EXO


- 3.6.5
- Run
- Peter Pan

2. Emotional EXO


- Don't Go
- Baby Don't Cry
- Moonlight

3. Intense EXO


- Two Moons
- Let Out The Beast
- Monster

The choice is yours! Leave your choice in the comments^^

For me, I can't choose - sometimes I really really love their happy stuff, sometimes I want to listen to What Is Love on repeat >.<
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I actually prefer EXO to put on their damn breaks and come to a screeching halt. 😂
a year ago·Reply
depends on my mood. sorry. Cannot narrow it down.
a year ago·Reply
This one is hard - I love EXO period. But I think intense is probably my favorite - upbeat but edgy
a year ago·Reply
Emotional EXO. Songs like What Is Love and Moonlight are my faves!!!
a year ago·Reply
All of course I love EXO so muchhhh
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