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Since I'm thinking about cosplaying Freyja from Macross Delta in the future, I decided to do some research on the different costumes people have cosplayed & how they look to help me decide which outfit I might want to cosplay most.
((I can already tell the biggest issue is going to be getting her wig in a way I like it, as that's what bothers me about most of these cosplays!))

1. Cosmic Movement Outfit Freyja!

This is the outfit from Freyja's first big performance, and it's one of my favorites. I actually like some of the other girls' outfits better, but Freyja is my favorite character & I want to try a short wig for once, so I'm sticking to her!

2. Casual Freyja

One thing I've really started to enjoy doing with cosplays lately is to do a casual version of the character that is easy to put together alongside their more complicated outfits! If I'm already going through the effort to get to know the character, buy their wig, practice their makeup and practice their posing, I find it's way more fun to do more than one outfit of the character!

3. Freyja's Traveling Outfit

This is the outfit we first met Freyja in, and I love the cloak! It's very natural to her home, and I think it's an outfit that really stands for who she is at heart, with or without Walkure!

4. Freyja's Main Walkure Outfit

This is part of the outfit we see Walkure wearing the most, and I love the fluffiness of the skirt! The color scheme is really fun, too, and this cosplayer did the wig pretty well!

I think I'm leaning towards the casual outfit & the Cosmic Movement outfit to begin with!

Those two seem like the ones I'll like wearing most, and they'll be recognizable to the character which is important to me!