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Not sure if anyone has a big interest for dance genre movies but I heard The Way We Dance is highly praised by film critics. Some even said it might be better than the Step-Up franchised. I'm thinking of watching it tonight considering the trailer does like interesting and the movie was included in the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival (2013).
From my understanding, the plot is centered on Hong Kong street dancing culture with a modern flair. I encouraged you to watch it if you're interesting in dance genre films.

OST 1: DoughBoy ft. Shimic Wong - Let's Dance

OST 2: Shimica Wong - The Way We Dance

It's rare to see Hong Kong films with original English soundtracks. This song actually caught me off guard (in a good way).
I loved the Step Up franchise but I don't know if I'll watch this, I'm too busy right now and too many dramas and anime to watch right now!
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I'm glad you still let me know of something interesting, I might watch it one day! 😁
@cindystran the movie looks good and DAVE is HELLA SEXXY OMGEE <3 <3