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Hello Everybody! I know I'm still fairly new on Vingle, but I decided to do something interesting and create a challenge! Anyone who wants to participate in it can do so! I definitely will be!

So the main anime that this challenge is revolving around will be.... *drumrolls*

Yep! Its Guilty Crown! This anime is honestly underrated in my option and is one of my favorites! I think it will be a lot of fun doing this challenge and anyone who wants to join in can do so! The challenge will start tomorrow and go all the way until Sunday

So here are the topics:

Monday - Favorite Male Character

Tuesday - Favorite Female Character

Wednesday - Favorite Moment

Thursday - Favorite Pair/Ship

Friday - Favorite Episode

Saturday - Favorite Song from the Anime

Sunday - Favorite Weapon

Some ground rules before we get into the challenge:
1) Keep an fanart pics for Monday and Tuesday PG-13 please XD
2) Thursday's pairs are only limited to the canon and semi-canon pairs. No fan ships unfortunately :(
3) Saturday's entries can be openings, endings, or any song that is in the Guilty Crown OST
4) Finally, just have fun with it!
Tagging some people to get in on it!
I haven't seen this unfortunately so I don' think I can participate ㅠㅠ
if this started next week I would enter it, that would give me enough time to watch it, but unfortunately I'm out of this one.