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Hi guys! Sorry that I missed our Music Chart last month :(

To make up for it, let's vote for both July now and August next week^^

You can check out June's winner HERE!

July Disclaimer:

There were SOOOO many awesome tracks released this month that I could only choose 11 of them. I'm sorry if your group isn't on the list but please vote for them anyway if I missed them! Thank you >.<

Please vote for 2 of the following artists, or anyone that I missed!

Astro - Breathless

VAV - No Doubt

B2ST - Ribbon

Seventeen - Very Nice

Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

SE7EN - I'm Good

NCT 127 - Fire Truck

GFriend - Navillera

Eric Nam - Can't Help Myself

Fei - Fantasy

Vromance - Girlfriend

Leave your votes in the comments and we'll vote for August in a few days^^

NCT 127 - Firetruck Seventeen - Very Nice
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@sherrysahar Nina? :P
NCT 127 - Firetruck Eric Nam - Can't Help Myself
Seventeen and Wonder Girls
OMGEEE DAMN Oppa seven song iszzz SOOO DAMN GOOD I feel sooo bad for missing out on that and never seeing it :( so i will vote for him <3 saranghhae oppa <3
Seventeen - Very Nice
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