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Oh Lord I hope he is still as silly as always but a little mature .... And STOP THROWING JHOPE JIMIN A V across rooms and shizz
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he is not my age lol stop lying he is barely 19 20 in the USa lol xD
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Im already crying 馃槶
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oh lord....The child has grown to an adult almost. Whateven is this
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Isn't he only 20? I think youve got it mixed up, he was born 1997 so he would be turning 19 international age, but korean age he's already been 20 since new years. I don't think they add an extra year again when their bday hits. Like my bday is Sept 5th 1998 and I'm turning 18 international age, so I would be 19 since new years this year in korea, but I wouldn't turn 20 on Sept 5th. If you think about it adding two years each year would seriously distort your age real quick.
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