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FNC has been making splashes, after debuting a group that didn't fit the usual trend. CNBlue was a band that played their own instruments, and posed some styling issues. They couldn't do all the special dancing we usually see, and this is what set them apart. And now, FNC is debuting another group that is out of the norm.
SF9 is a group that FNC created through their rookie program, called Neoz School. And they will be the first dance group known.
And the group will have nine members as their name hints. Young Bin, In Seong, Jae Yoon, Tae Yang, Hwi Young, Cha Ni, Da Won, Ro Woon, and Ju Ho are those nine. I am not prepared for new biases, and these guys are trying to break in!
In Seong: Real Name: Kim In Seong, D.O.B: July 12, 1993, Height: 184 cm, Profession: Singer, Hobby: Drawing and Playing Chess
Young Bin: Real Name: Kim Young Bin, D.O.B: November 23, 1993, Height: 178 cm, Profession: Singer, Hobby: Playing Chess, Position: Leader
Jae Yoon: Real Name: Lee Jae Yoon, D.O.B: August 9, 1994, Height: 182 cm, Profession: Singer, Hobby: Mellow Voice
Da Won: Real Name: Lee Da Won, D.O.B: July 24, 1995, Height: 179 cm, Profession: Singer and Actor, Hobby: Doing Aegyo
Ju Ho: Real Name: Baek Ju Ho, D.O.B: July 4, 1996, Height: 182 cm, Profession: Singer and Actor, Hobby: Composing Music, Position: Rapper
Ro Woon: Real Name: Kim Ro Woon, D.O.B: August of 1996, Height: 189 cm, Profession: Singer and Actor, Hobby: Skateboarding
Tae Yang: Real Name: Yoo Tae Yang, D.O.B: February of 1997, Height: 181 cm, Profession: Singer, Hobby: Guitar
Hwi Young: Real Name: Kim Hwi Young, D.O.B: May 11, 1999, Height: 177 cm, Profession: Singer, Hobby: Kick-boxing
Cha Ni: Real Name: Kang Cha Ni, D.O.B: July 17, 2000, Height: 174 cm, Profession: Singer and Actor, Hobby: Drawing and Piano
And you can check out their mini introduction of D.O.B (Dance or Band) here!
And check out the Neoz School Homepage!

Now that you've learned a bit about them, who do you think might be your bias? Or is this a group where you bias them all or not at all? How do you think SF9 will do? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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Yes yes yes yes!!! Finally they start promoting it I've been waiting for so long!!
What no....not now!!! infinite comeback and nct dream debuting coming in September. I have school please no, I'm not ready...I heard got7 supposed to hit me with a comeback part 2 of fly.....😟😰
@MelissaGarza I have they have a v app account and they were on d.o.b with honeyst to see which one of them would end up debuting. They're super good at dancing
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@MelissaGarza I did the same thing as you. I saw them on Click Your Heart. I just didn't know it was them.
i saw the name and automatically thought of sunscreen...
I'm looking forward to their debut
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