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I know that August isn't the midway point, but its the end of summer!

I wanted to highlight the debuts that happened so far this year^^*

*I will not be included NCT Dream as they haven't debuted yet, but will include them in part 2 of this!
There are also many other debuts and I will make another card about it but these are the biggest/most successful debuts^^

I.O.I - Dream Girls

Born from the popular talent show "Produce 101," I.O.I debuted with Dream Girls in May 2016.

Gugudan - Wonderland

With 3 members gaining a TON of popularity from Produce 101, Jellyfish debuted their first girl group in June 2016!


YG's long-awaited girl group is finally here breaking all sort of records with their double debut singles Whistle and BOOMBAYAH.

IMFACT - Lollipop

This adorable group debuted in January with the addictive single "Lollipop!"

Astro - Hide and Seek

This adorable group debuted in February to a lot of success. Within a week of their debut their album reached #6 on Billboard's world charts!

Cosmic Girls - MOMOMO

Monsta X's sister group debuted in February with a TON of members and two singles - MOMOMO and Catch Me :)

KNK - Knock

KNK debuted in February with Knock and slayed more than a few Vinglers ;)

NCT U - The 7th Sense/Without You

The first wave of the NCT empire came out with NCT U's two singles in April of this year. NCT 127 and NCT Dream are also coming out this year.

INX - Alright

Debuting this month, INX debuted with a powerful dance track that shows off their amazing vocals!

Vromance - She

Mamamoo's little brother group finally debuted and their vocals are just as fun and stunning as their sisters'. They debuted in July!

Whose debut did you love?!

Love my Astro
Astro and KNK are my babies ♡ And I was literally just jamming out to Vromance last night! ♡
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