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Poker Face ~Short Prologue~
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama, Gang, Poker, Gambling. Pairings: πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ Summary: Who knew a innocent bachelorette's party would lead an harmless innocent girl to witness the underground world first hand? Chapter: Prologue A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Lotto!!! The song is different but its still A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. A Lot of people are hating on it but i really don't see why? Its really good! Anyway hope you Enjoy! Disclaimer: (Involves) Drug trafficking, Human trafficking , Swearing, and Mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. _____________________________________ A painful groan leaves my mouth as I open my eyes. My entire body ached in pain and all I could see was darkness. Did I just go blind or something? Panic raised up within me, I move my head around frantically hoping it was just the dimly lit room until i felt something mildly scratch my cheeks. It kinda felt like a burlap bag. Wait, that must mean that there was a bag over my head! A new set of panic surged my body, was i kidnapped? What did i do?! I try getting up only to come to the realization, my wrists and ankles were tied together. My struggles lead me to tumble to my side. A whimper leaves my mouth. Tears fall aimlessly down my cheeks as i give up on struggling. What was the point? I was tied up and somewhere i didn't even know! My ears perk up as i hear the sounds of heavy doors opening. Footsteps seem to vibrate from the floor, which i was laying on. At that time, it all became so real. I wanted to cry out, scream in pain. But i knew better. If i put up a fight now, they'd go even rougher. Probably even punish me. I have to be strategic, i have to fight back when i know i have the upper hand. And right now it wasn't the time. All of a sudden I'm being lifted in the air and roughly hauled over the mans shoulder. The impact was so hard, it struck my stomach as my body went rigid in pain. I gritted my teeth refusing to let my kidnapper know i was awake. The man begin to walk as i try to hold back my whimpers of pain. What lead to this? I think back to the last thing i could remember. I just couldn't put together how a simple bachelorette party would lead to my kidnapping. You are so different from other women
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