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Hey guys!

Stefany here!! So our favorite Queen, CL recently did an interview with Fuse and gave us a little bit of the story behind how her song 'Lifted' came to be. She says how Method man gave her the motivation needed during the holiday season to create her recent song. She also talks about the different perspective she decided to take on her music video which was really inspired by her fans and in fact included some of them! Things like these show us how caring and motivated CL really is. We wish her the best and have called in love with the new song!

You can watch the full interview above. What are your thoughts of her song, mv, and backstory???

That moment she becomes a mom and says "my internet kids"
she an amazing person and voice thou
I love that she was a part of making the song. I still think hello bitches should have been her debut single but im glad that she's able to express herself artistically!
I love her! her song is amazing and so is the back story.