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Promise: The Update Hey everyone! So as you all know we're getting closer to the end of the story but before we get there lets do a little update and see what they have been up to. We have some new faces popping into town and some familiar faces showing up. So what's in store for them in the future. Well let's find out ❤❤ Enjoy from @dayashley11 and @MarrickeJ33 **********************************************
Ashley's Perspective Its been a couple of months since I talked to Jay about everything has happened between him and M. Not only that, but M and I also talked about what went down when we met up with the guys as well. Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore. Its not fair that here I am with the most amazing man in my life only to keep thinking about the one that did me wrong. "Hey what's up beautiful!" Flow said as he comes over to me and kisses me on my forehead. "Hey. Where did you come from" I said with smile trying to hide my thoughts. "You must really be in your head. I said tour name 3 times before walking over here. Are you okay?" Be grabs my hands and pulls me into his embrace. I didn't want to hug him back but every time I can't help but melt into him. He lifts up my chin and just looks into my eyes and smiles. He pulls up s chair and sits and pulls me into his lap and just holds me. "Ashley, you know you can tell me anything right? I don't want you to feel like you can't talk to me. I noticed that you have been a little distant these past couple of months after talking with Jay." "Flow.. I just..." I get off his lap and I sit across from him with tears in my eyes. I feel like I have no choice but to do this. "Flow I just.... I don't know is I can do this anymore. I love you but right now I'm still battling feelings for a man that I was so deeply in love with and I...." "Ashley, its okay. I get it." he says wiping away my tears. "I knew it was only a matter of time and I can't say that I'm happy about it but I knew that getting into this relationship with you that there would be a possibility of you still being in love with him. I was okay that. Why. Because no matter what I loved you and I just wanted to see you happy."  All I could do was cry more. I bawled my eyes put so much that they turned red. As I'm crying he holds me and just rubs my back and keeps telling me its okay. But I don't feel like its okay. I have just broken someone's heart who put it out there to heal mine. "Flow.. I'm. So.. Sorry" I said between sniffles and hiccups. "Im. Just. So. Sorry. I didn't want any of this." "Baby girl its okay. Deep down inside I knew that there was a possibility. I never wanted it to come to the forefront, what I was feeling, so I kept loving you and held on knowing that I may never be able to fully call you mine." Flow said. I could hear the hurt in his voice even though he was trying his hardest to hide it. I could still hear it. All I could do was shake my head yes and continue holding on to him. I finally said, "Flow, I knowing its too soon for both of us, but what I'm hoping is that in the future when we're both ready that we can still be friends. You don't have to answer now but I just... Idk.. Nevermind. I'm being selfish." "No Ashley, you're not. Right now, I think you need time to be by yourself and I will always be here for you. Our friendship will never change. But I want to give you your space and time to heal. No matter what I'll always love you," Flow said. He gave me one final squeeze and got up to leave. I just watched as his shadow got smaller and smaller then finally disappeared through the door. I sat there alone, crying.
TWO DAYS LATER Reis Perspective I'M BACK and it feels damn good. I'm finally in Korea and I'm excited to see my girls Ashley and Marricke'. It's been two long since I have seen these ladies but unfortunately it doesn't seem like I'm coming at that great of a time. The girl's both told me that they were no longer with Jay or Simon. They wouldn't go into full detail but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. As I walk over to baggage claim I see two familiar faces. "REISSS!!!" They screamed in unison. I swaer these girls can be so embarrassing sometimes. I ran over shaking my head in disbelief and gave them both big hugs "You two are crazy!" I said as I released them. We grabbed my luggage and began walking towards Marricke's car. "Alright y'all spill it. What really happened? How is everything now" I said. They both just look at each other and I can see in Ashley's eyes that obviously something else has gone down that I don't know about. "Ashley and Flow aren't together anymore. She just broke it off two days ago" Marricke' said. I looked over at her in disbelief. Looking at Ashley you can tell that it hurt her to have to do it but she wouldn't do it without a reason. "Okay so what's going on Ashley? You never do anything without good reason. What happened?" "I just.. I couldn't Reis... I really do like Flow and I know that I was beginning to fall in love with him but I...." she began to cry. "I'm still in love with Simon and I can't seem to forget him or let him go. I didn't want to hurt Flow at all, but I knew that if I stayed with him while I still felt this way that it wouldn't be fair to him." We all held hands and comforted her until we arrived at their place. M grabbed a bottle of wine, I grabbed some ice cream and we sat outside and watched the sunset as we talked and I asked M about her and Jay and Dok2. "So Marricke', you and Jay. Done. For good?!" "Yea Reis, we're done for good. Relationship wise. But we did decide to meet up finally and we talked. Honestly, Jay will always have a place in my heart. My first love. I will always love him but I just can't deal with the cheating and on top of that he accused me of cheating on him. It tore me up inside, the fact that he really thought I would do some shit like that. I would have been willing to work it out but the lipstick in the neck, the accusations and then walking around with some other chick calling him babe. I was done." "Damn Marricke' it went down like that. What the hell is wrong with him. Duck wouldn't even.... No wait couldn't even tell me how everything went so sideways. Then he tells me that everything you start dating Dok2. I couldn't believe it." I said taking a sip from my glass. "Look, I wasn't expecting to hook up with Dok2 and then just falling for him. It wasn't my plan. Everything happened so fast. But, he never pressured anything. He was just always there. Especially when Jay and I broke up. Dok2 has been amazing and I'm starting to fall for this man. Do I hate the fact that it almost ruined his and Jay's friendship? Hell yea! I didn't want that at all. I most definitely didn't want them at odds with each other. But they talked it out. It just took some time." My head was spinning but as long as my girl was happy, I was happy for her. She deserved to be happy. She has been through so much. "So when do I get to see Dok2 Soho can give him a stern warning?" "Really? Stern warning? Lol... Okay well he will actually be here tomorrow to pick me up. He planned something for us. Soo..." "Perfect then. I'll be here. Wait a minute are you guys going to the wedding together?" "Well Ashley and I aren't. But Dok2 is gonna go and support. Yea, we know that you going with Duck so have some fun huh. You haven't seen your man in almost a year because of school. Don't worry about us!" "Well now that you bring it up, I do have some news. On moving back to Korea. I'm going to be doing my studies out here for art!!! I'm so excited that you guys were the first to know beside Duckie of course. I can't wait to see him, but tonight I'm kicking it wit my girls!" We all yelled and screamed and danced around the backyard now that I'm finally back. We laughed and talked for the rest of the night. It was the perfect way to end the night. Tomorrow is a new day.
Marricke' and Dok2's Perspective Man, last night was great. It was so good to be back with the girls. Hell even Ashley was laughing and I mean doubled over in pain from the ruckus we were causing. I look over to my night stand and see that I have a text from Dok2. "Hey baby, I hope I didn't wake you. I can't wait to see you later. I'll pick you up around 12 so be ready. Xoxo Dok2" Omg he is too damn good to me. I peak over and realize its 11. Time for me to get up and get ready. I hope in the shower and by the time I was done putting on my finishing touches Dok2 arrived. Reis was the first one to open the door. She looked him up and down and then let him in. "Hey babe" I said running over to him giving him a quick kiss and hug. "Hey baby girl. I missed you too" he said while laughing and holding out a bouquet of flowers. I quickly took them and put them water. "Reis, I know you know Dok2 and Dok2 this is Reis, Ugly Duck's girl. I'm pretty sure y'all have met before." "That's right we have met. I remember now, I'm pretty sure it was at one of the launch events a few years back. It's good to see you again." "Same here, but I am just gonna out the out there. M has been through a lot and I have seen her go through a lot. She is one of my best friends and I don't want to see her get hurt anymore. Don't break her heart or else. Got it!" "Yes ma'am. I will cherish her always. It was nice meeting but babe we gotta go." We said goodbye to everyone and headed out the door. "I'm sorry about Reis. She is just real protective". "You don't have to apologize and I don't blame her. She is right you have been through a lot and I love that she does that for her friends. I meant what I said too. I will always cherish you" I said looking at her before kissing those soft sweet lips. We hop in the car and I take her to our first destination. I planned a little movie trip for us but instead of being in a theater, we did a drive through movie. I know she would love it because she is that kind of girl that just does things differently than others and I love her for it. We get to the movies and watch a comedy and a an action movie. I just sat there and watched her out of enjoyment. How does one person just make you see life in a different light. She is my light. "Babe I loved it! I haven't been to drive in in soo long. What's next?" I asked looking at him. "Well I was thinking carnival. I haven't been to one in so many years and I know how much you love them." I couldn't help but squeal. We drive over to the carnival and oh man it was packed but i didn't care! It was a carnival. Dok2 bought the tickets and we played as many games as we could and rode on so many rides. He played the basketball game and won me the biggest teddy bear they had. This day has been amazing and on top of that I'm with one of the sweetest guys. It couldn't get any better. After the carnival we ate some good food and then he took me to his studio. There was a song that he wanted me to hear so we drove there. He also said that he had another surprise for me. "Alright baby girl so when we get there I want your honest opinion. Its a lot different from other tracks I have done. This one makes me nervous playing it for you." "Babe you don't have to be nervous. I already know I'm gonna love it. I just can't wait to hear it" I sais pecking him on the cheek as he drove. The whole ride there he held my hand in his and we arrived. We get to the studio and he sits down and has me sit right next to him. Its been a while since I have been back in this studio. I love the memories we have here. "Alright M, you ready?" "Ready" He plays the track and I listen. It has this real cool and smooth r&b sound. Then I hear these smooth vocals coming thru the system. Lie down (Lie down) Lie down (Lie down The intro was so smooth and as the song progressed and the first verse came up he began to rap. Oh damn, I forgot that he sounds different once he is in his zone. I walked over to him and sat on his lap. The whole vibe of the song was so dope that it gave me chills and butterflies. This song had me feeling all kinds of ways. I was so into it that I didn't notice he has cut the track off. "Verdict?!" I just turned and looked at him and smiled. "This is my new jam" I said looking at him. He lauvhed so hard. "Alright then. But before we do there is something that I have to say." I just nodded my head "I know its been a year since we have been together and this is the happiest o have been. I know that when we first got together it under less than ideal circumstances but ever since that moment you have been there for me. You have been my light. I wasn't expecting to fall for you but I have. M, I have fallen in love with you. I am in love with you and I promise that I will never do anything to hurt you..." Before he could finish I had tears in my eyes and I started crying. "Of all the people in this world you make me feel as if I'm the only one in your world that matters. The only one you eed. You treat me like a queen which is something that I still sometimes feel that I'm not deserving of. I don't know how but every time I'm with you, I feel different as if this world I can take with you by my side. I love you! I love you Dok2" I kissed his lips and then just rested my forehead on his. When I look down I see that he has a box in his hand. He opens to show two rings. Promise rings. All he said was "I promise that from now on you will be the only that I see and look at you. You will be the only one in my heart. I will love you and cherish you." He takes the ring out and slips it on my finger and I take his and slip it on his finger. He kissed me so passionately that when I leaned back I accidentally clicked on a song on the desktop and it happened to be Wiz Khalifa 'Studio Lovin'. We both just laughed and he kissed me even more leaving a trail of kisses from my neck to my collar bone. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He lips felt so good on my neck. It was pure bliss. The rest of the night was amazing that no words can describe how I felt to be in the arms of the man who said he loved me.
I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I know it has been long overdue but no worries more to come. It is one of the longest chapters so bear with it! Thank you! Much Love ❤❤ BO$$E$ SQUAD @PandaQueenBee @amobts @dayashley11 @PriyaBala @KaeliShearer @BBXGD @VatcheeAfiand99 BBMG SQUAD @pandaqueenbee @dayashley11 @LocoForJiyong @BBXGD J-Walkers @elainarenea @MandyNoona @BBxGD @MarrickeJ33 @LocoforJiyong @dayashley11 @amobigbang @KaeliShearer @PriyaBala @VatcheeAfandi99 @passthesuga @sugaontop @twistedPuppy @nmeza29 @mrsyookiyun @firstladyofaomg @yaya12 @ViStorm @IsoldaPazo @lilbr0wneyes @amberg171997 @Zyxzj @Bwolfgirl @StefaniTre @dreemer13 @JordanShuler @JohnEvans @mitchix5 @maricela17mrn @TheEnlightment @Remysrose @Jaysbae13 @JasmineGregory @NadineEsquivel @MayraYanez @AnnaRodriguezm @lcr4562 @EliseB @ManduBum @kolai4 @ckienitz @SashaKmseoul @MzDawson31508 @ibMIMI Mah Peeps @MrsJungHoseok @firstladyofaomg @exolover101 @twistedpuppy @twistedexo @dayashley11 @BBXGD @KaeliShearer @PriyaBala @VatcheeAfiand99 @amogbigbang @LocoForJiyong @lilbrowneyes @MichelleIbarra @Sarahbear1021 @AbbeyRamey @VeronicaArtino @KhrystinaLee @ChelseaGarcia @aliahwhbmida @Sailynn @Sandarwish @Luna1171 @AimeeH @CrookedShadow @yaya12 @KwonOfAKind @Helixx @twistedlove @CrookedShadow @tiffany1922 @FromBlue2U @mrsax2018 @MissT615 Ashley Tag list @EliseB @LizaNightShade @BrianaSmalls @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @shellyfuentes70 @megancurrent9 @Sailynn @BekiKuntsman @AnnaHarris1989 @AraceliJimenez @catchyacrayon @PassTheSuga @JamiMilsap @MissT615 @LinnyOk @resavalencia @3SecondsOfHope @petname83 @VatcheeAfiand99 @RebeccaLondon @twistedexo @amogbigbang @lovetop @Ambie @LysetteMartinez @sarahdarwish @MelissaGarza @satinskies @MzDawson31508 @luna1171 @lilbr0wneyes @jessicaacosta90 @katyng52 @exolover101 @yaya12 @BreeMassey
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