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Chapter 24 Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst Warning: Mild Language If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/ - Chapter 1 -------------------- Chapter 21 -- Chapter 2 ------------------- Chapter 22 --- Chapter 3 ------------------ Chapter 23 ---- Chapter 4 ----- Chapter 5 ------ Chapter 6 ------- Chapter 7 -------- Chapter 8 --------- Chapter 9 ---------- Chapter 10 ----------- Chapter 11 ------------ Chapter 12 ------------- Chapter 13 -------------- Chapter 14 --------------- Chapter 15 ---------------- Chapter 16 ----------------- Chapter 17 ------------------ Chapter 18 ------------------- Chapter 19 -------------------- Chapter 20 Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
[Y/N] POV ‘Seriously, what is going on here,’ you thought as you watched the three of them walk away. ‘She’s ruining everything.’ You were tempted to leave a go home, say screw it to the whole thing, but that would mean Nana won and you weren’t willing to give her the satisfaction. You took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. ‘I can do this. Okay Nana, if you want to play this silly game, fine. I’ll play.’ You planted a small smile on your face and walked quickly to catch up with them. All of them had stopped to look at the otters and you noticed Nana had let go of their arms. You walked up next to Taehyung and webbed your fingers with his not saying anything. He looked down at you and smiled then turned back to the otters. “They are really cute huh,” he said just loud enough for only you to hear. “Not as cute as you,” you said feeling shy. You could tell this caught him off guard because of the expression he wore. “I could watch them play all day. Could you,” you asked him as you squeezed his hand lightly. He shined you his signature boxy smile and nodded, “Definitely.” For the remainder of the visit at the aquarium you made sure to stay by Taehyung’s side. By doing this Taehyung didn’t pay any attention to Nana’s advances and this made you feel like a winner. Standing outside of the aquarium everyone was talking about what they should eat. Seokjin had plenty of ideas but Nana was turning everything down. “Kim Taehyung,” you called for his attention quietly. “Yeah, what’s up,” he asked looking down at you. “Can just you and I go eat?” Taehyung seemed surprised you asked but his face also lit up. “Of course. Just you and me.” He looked up at Seokjin and Nana who were arguing over where to eat and cleared his throat calling for their attention. “Hey guys, me and [Y/N] are going to break off here. See you guys later.” “But this is suppose to be a double date,” Nana said sounding stressed. “Well [Y/N] has requested it. See you around.” Taehyung lead the way and you made sure to turn and see the expression on Nana’s face as you followed. Her face was contorted in anger. ‘She’s not the friend I knew. Not right now anyway. I’ll have to figure that out later,’ you thought as you turned back around to face forward.
Taehyung POV “So, where are you wanting to eat [Y/N],” Taehyung asked as they walked away from the aquarium. [Y/N] didn’t respond so he looked down at her and he could almost hear her thinking. He let out a small laugh and covered his smile with his free hand. ‘Ah seriously. She’s adorable,’ he thought as he continued to look down at her. “Do you know of any small cafes nearby? I don’t want to go to a place that’s super busy,” [Y/N] said. They both stopped walking and Taehyung pulled out his phone. “I don’t,” he said, “but I’m sure we can find some.” After searching through his phone he decided to take you to a small italian cafe near a park. When they got there he requested a seat on the patio from the host which he obliged. Taehyung pulled out the chair for [Y/N] to sit down then went to his own seat. Menus were placed on their table and glasses of water. “Can I get you anything to drink other than water,” the waiter asked. “I’ll have a strawberry italian soda,” Taehyung answered. “Water is fine for me, thank you,” [Y/N] answered. The waiter bowed slightly and left the table. “I hope you like italian food. It had good ratings,” Taehyung said as he looked at the menu. “I’ve never really had italian food so do you have any suggestions on what to get,” [Y/N] said. Taehyung started laughing and started to give a few suggestions on what to eat. The waiter came back by with Taehyung’s soda and checked to see if they were ready to order. Taehyung ordered lasagna and [Y/N] ordered shrimp alfredo then the waiter was off again. “So, did you enjoy the aquarium,” Taehyung asked. “It was really fun! I had a great time. Did you?” “Yup! I like going to places like aquariums and zoos.” “Maybe we should go to the zoo next time. Just you and me.” Taehyung looked up at [Y/N] a little surprised at her suggestion. “That sounds great.” Taehyung and [Y/N] continued talking about different things except [Y/N] was the one talking mostly this time around. She talked about her family, her hobbies and dreams. She wanted to travel the world and see everything she could. Listening to her talk made Taehyung feel calm and relaxed. He would smile and laugh at her hand gestures. She talked a lot with her hands. At one point she almost knocked her water glass over and Taehyung laughed at her panicked face. He grabbed the glass and moved it further away from her. When the food arrived neither of them really spoke as they were starving. Taehyung would make the occasional “mmm” sound when eating. Him doing this would make [Y/N] laugh lightly. Both of them finished their meals and the waiter asked about dessert. [Y/N] was saying she was fine but Taehyung ordered panna cotta topped with raspberries for the two of them to share. “You’ll like it. It’s sweet,” Taehyung said smiling at [Y/N]. She nodded and sat quietly. “So what should we do after this? I’m not ready to end the day. Want to go see a movie,” Taehyung asked resting his head in his hand. “No, I’m not feeling like a movie.” “Oh, okay. Well what should we do?” “How about the arcade?” Taehyung sat up straight and looked at [Y/N]. “The arcade?” “Yeah. It will be more fun than going to a movie and sitting in silence.” With a large smile Taehyung agreed excitedly. He wasn’t expecting [Y/N] to be the type of girl to enjoy going to arcades but that only made him like her more. The dessert arrived and the two of them shared it. [Y/N] ate most of it and Taehyung teased her about it. Taehyung paid for the meal and helped [Y/N] out of her seat then they headed toward the arcade.
Sorry guys there was an error with my card >.> I posted the same POV twice. oops. all fixed though. carry on
I'm totally loving the relationship between Tae and Y/n. 😍😍😍😍It's so cute and both of them are shy in there own ways. I love it.😘😘😘 Not going to lie, I thought Nana was gone get the best of her, 😞😞😞but she didn't. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌I'm so happy she didn't ruin the date.😎😎😎😎 ✌✌✌✌IN YOUR FACE NANA!!!!!!!! ✌✌✌Lol.
Yay, sweet time with Tae and beating Nana at her own game!
You've now made me hungry. I feel bad for Jin....looks like he's being strung along.