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So I just finished the entire 167 episodes of Inuyasha... im planning to start the movies tomorrow but I'm just wanting to know if I need to read the manga as well! Did the anime leave a lot out? Or did it end before the manga did? Really, I just need to know if this one is another case like Hitman Reborn.... Please! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
nah it really follows the manga like legit but the movies are amazing like im not gonna spoil but lets just say....the bad guys in the movie who are bad men are baes
Yeah, it's still good to read and very enjoyable, but it's easier to converse with someone who hasn't since they so closely mirror each other
The Anime is almost EXACTLY like the manga. They were very meticulous about this one. You won't be missing anything, but I enjoyed the second experience, after the Final Act of course.
thank you! I'm so glad there's one that finally follows the manga well! they're aren't many, i know that.. Naruto and one piece are pretty close tho too but I may read Inuyasha anyways at some point just cuz i enjoy it. @WonderlandBound
so there is another 25 episodes that I didn't know about... this should answer all my questions, lol.
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