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Ch 3/?
Hongbin woke up feeling hungry. The cold floor caused Hongbin to jump back onto his bed and shiver. He quickly placed his slippers on and shuffled out into the hall. Knowing it was impossible to wake up Wonsik, Hongbin left the room. He quickly placed his slippers on and shuffled out into the hall.He paused when he noticed Yuki poking her head out of her room. Hong bin smiled his dimples showing.
“Come on!” He encouraged waving for her to come out. Cautiously she made her way out and took his out stretched hand. 

“Are you hungry?” He asked. Yuki nodded and allowed Hongbin to lead her to the kitchen. He wasn’t sure what to make as he opened the fridge.
"Juice!" Yuki spoke pointing to it. Hong bin grabbed it with both hands and waddled over to the counter. With some struggle and help from Yuki they got it onto the counter. Hong bin grabbed a stool and placed it in front of the counter. With some effort he climbed onto the counter.
"Stay down there! It's dangerous!" He announced with as much authority as he could muster. Yuki nodded as she watched him curiously. Carefully Hongbin climbed over to the cupboard that held the cups. Carefully he opened the door and got out two cups. He made it safely back to the juice and sat on top of the counter. Yuki climbed onto the stool and placed her hands and chin onto the counter as she watched Hongbin.
Hong bin sucked his bottom lip in as he concentrated on pouring the juice into the two cups. It was a new bottle so it was a little heavy for him. The bottle shook as he poured it causing it to spill. Yuki's eyes widen and her mouth formed an O.
"Uh-oh!" She spoke as she watched Hongbin.
"It-it's okay." He muttered. He frantically searched for a towel to clean up the mess. Yuki looked as well and spotted a rag. Jumping down from the stool she ran to the sink and quickly grabbed it before hurrying over to Hongbin. He quickly mopped up the mess and climbed down.
"All better!" He declared once it was mopped up. Hopping off the counter he turned and carefully grabbed the cups. Careful not to spill a drop Hongbin set them on the table. He then grabbed the juice and put it back into the fridge. He grabbed a bowl filled with hard boiled eggs and sat down. Yuki sat next to him and wasn't exactly sure how to eat the egg. Hong bin ended up peeling the eggs for her.
"Thank you Hongbin-ah." Yuki spoke quietly.
"Call me Oppa!" Hongbin smiled cheekily. He never had anyone call him Oppa and Ravi was a few months older than him.
"Okay Oppa." Yuki nodded. They are in silence more concentrated on the food then anything else. Hong bin cleaned up any mess that they made and found something to play with Yuki together. Not long after Hakyeon woke up.

“Ah Hongbin-ah? Did you and Yuki eat?” He asked sleepily.

“Ne!” Hong bin smiled. Yuki began to do a dance causing Hakyeon to wake up a little more.

“Yuki do you need help going to the bathroom?” He asked nicely. Yuki nodded while bouncing up and down.

“Ohh. Okay. Is it okay if I help you?” Hakyeon asked. He wasn’t sure if she would be comfortable with him or not. The girl stuck to Leo like glue. Again she nodded and took his out stretched hand. Hakyeon quickly led her to the bathroom and helped her with everything.

“Feel better?” He asked once she was finished. She smiled and nodded. 
“Thank you.” She whispered. 

“Your welcome little one! Now how about we give you a bath?” He asked hoping she would say yes. Before she could respond Leo spoke causing Hakyeon to jump and Yuki to smile and run to him. 

“I’ll give her a bath.” He picked Yuki up and gave her a gentle smile. She kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around his neck. Hakyeon held a hand to his chest as he tried to calm his beating heart.

“Of course.” Hakyeon spoke with a slight pant.
“I’ll get you both a change of clothes and some towels. Are you feeling better?”
 Hakyeon asked.
“Ne. Thank you for the medicine.”
Hakyeon nodded and left. He returned shortly with a pair of clothes for each. He then reached into the cupboard and got them some towels to dry off with. 

“Thank you.” Leo spoke quietly as he closed the door. He filled the tub with warm water and helped Yuki carefully climb in. He then climbed in himself and let out a content sigh as the warm water eased his aching muscles. He closed his eyes in content for a moment. 

“Hong bin Oppa and Wonsik Oppa very nice.” Yuki spoke while playing with a rubber duck she found. 

“Do you like Hakyeon?” Leo asked opening his eyes. Yuki nodded.

“He’s not scary.” She frowned. Leo remained silent. He always wondered how much she would remember at such a young age. She didn’t understand much but she knew right from wrong. Not to mention she had a good sense of bad and good people. 

“He wasn’t mean while I was sleeping?” Leo asked grabbing a wash cloth. Yuki shook her head and smiled up at him. 

“Hong bin Oppa fed me. He is very nice.” 

“You like the boys Ravi and Hongbin?” Leo asked as he began to wash the girl. Yuki nodded and her smile widen. 

“They are nice protect me! Like a Prince!” 
Leo let out a quiet chuckle at that. She was so serious at such a young age that it was comical. Leo hadn’t seen her smile this much since, well, ever. 

"I think your older than them." Leo spoke his thoughts out loud. "That makes you a Noona."
"Noona?" She asked curious.
"Boys who are younger than you are supposed to call you Noona."
"Oooh." She nodded before playing with the washcloth in the tub. After a few minutes of silence Yuki spoke again.
“We stay?” She asked looking up at Leo with hopeful eyes. Leo wasn’t sure how to answer her. It would be nice to not have to be on the run. If the men came here everyone would be in danger. As he looked down at her his will to leave weakened. She was so happy to have someone to play with around her age. She would have a roof over her head and a bed to sleep in. She did give Hakyeon her approval even if they only just met. Children seemed to have a better sense on people being good or bad. Well not all children. Yuki seemed to have a good sense of things though. 

“I don't know. I need to talk to Hakyeon some more before I decide alright?” Leo spoke honestly. Yuki nodded and left things at that. Leo had always found himself being very honest with the child. He tried to at least. There were somethings that you just don’t tell a child. Once they were finished with the bath Leo dried and dressed her. She giggled when he dried her hair and tried to push his hands away. Once finished they walked. Seeing Ravi and Hongbin Yuki ran over to them. They smiled and began to play. 

“I’ve never seen the boys take so quickly to a girl.” Hakyeon spoke and handed Leo a mug of coffee. Leo took a sip and grimaced at the too bitter taste. Since there wasn't anything else Leo drank it silently and kept his thoughts to himself.

“Normally they ignore them because they are so absorbed in whatever game they are playing.” Hakyeon motioned for Leo to join him in the kitchen. With a final glance at Yuki Leo followed Hakyeon to the kitchen. It wasn’t a big house so he could easily hear if Yuki needed him.

“Looks like your fever broke.” Hakeon spoke leaning against a counter. Leo nodded and took a sip of the bitter coffee. It was better than no coffee at all. It had been a while since he had himself a cup. 

“I was wondering if you had decided on staying.” Hakyeon spoke after a minute of silence. “I know a place that’s hiring. You and Yuki would have a roof over your head and I have a sitter for the week days. He’s very good with the boys and brings over his title brother to play as well. He’s a bit younger than the boys.” 

Leo remained silent as he thought things over. He could hear Yuki’s giggle in the distance causing his heart to ache. All he wanted since Yuki came into his life was for her to be safe and happy. If he decided to stay she could have that. He really wanted to trust Hakyeon but would he and Yuki really be safe here? Would those men find him and Yuki?
He couldn’t risk that. But being on the run wasn’t helping either him or Yuki. He couldn't keep her warm or fed. He had stolen food a few times but always felt bad afterwards. He watched Yuki from the door frame and saw how happy she was playing with the boys. They ran in and out of the living room giggling and smiling. He loved seeing Yuki happy. With a sigh he turned to Hakyeon. His mind was made up.
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