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Well Good Hello Everyone! Daly here =^-^= As I said before, This is where I will be summarizing my KPop thoughts of the week. Whether it be memes I've seen, videos, or dramas; It will vary by week. I think I will do 3-5 topics a week! If you are interested in being tagged comment below and I will create a tag list.

1. Sekai No Owari "Anti Hero"

So I know that this isn't entirely KPop related but ... Sekai No Owari also known as End of the World is a Japanese band that have been featured on M countdown before! Honestly, I have heard this song a while back ago but I recently got obsessed with this song again, all thanks to Round 1. Round 1 is an arcade center by where I live and I am keeping my high score for Groove Coaster with this song! Some of my favorite lyrics: You know I dont give a damn about whats right Or pleasing everyone around me Cause I know this world that brought us life Wasnt made to keep everyone Happy Im gonna be the Anti Hero, feared and hated by everybody. Im gonna be the Anti Hero, So I can save you when the time comes.

2. Stories

Yes you read that right, stories! Recently I have been reading fan fictions and One shots and many things like that but there are a couple that I really love. Two of the ones that I have read recently are Foreign Flower (link for the preface of season 1) by @Sailynn One Night (Link for the intro) by @MadAndrea I honestly love these two and their writing soooooo much! One Night concluded as of yesterday and Foreign Flower is a many installments story. I sincerely recommend these stories!!!

3. Artists I miss

So i recently started listening to these two bands again. I really missed them! And while they are gone, some members are still doing stuff. I really cannot see Eden who used to be a member of LC9, doing what he used to anymore. Lol he is a completely different style than before and I like it. It really feels like he is where he belongs. The next group is Wonder Boyz. I really loved this song, like honestly I wish they were still making music. Tarzan was my go to song for a while.

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Have a good Sunday everyone! πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ½οΈπŸ’•

😍 I love the recommendation for stories I will definitely check them out ( @Sailynn stories always get me)
I love your weekly thoughts. I'm definitely be reading your recommendations.
Thank you 😭😍 Yes! Please do! They always gave me all these feelz!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•