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My childhood bestfriend used to live here in california with me but a few years ago she moved to iowa. She has went through a lot in her life and is still going through alot. Im so far away from her that i feel useless and i try to help her but i just cant. She mostly has been having issues with her parents lately and she feels alone and unwanted. A few weeks ago she even told me that she overdosed on pills. I have seen many inspiring stories on vingle of some of you who have went through depression and overcame it or still are overcoming it. I was hopeing somebody who can relate to her and has felt the way she feels can talk to her and give her hope that her life will get better if she will give it a chance to. I feel that the best way I help her is to get her advice or even a friend who can relate to her.
this is her snapchat if anyone is willing to take the time to help her out. Please let me know if you are planning on messageing her cuz she doesnt know im doing this. i will tell her in the morning but she is asleep right now. And also it is best if she hears this from someone who has been in situations similar to her and can relate. she always says that i dont know how its like for her which is true so i want to make sure she can talk to someone who does know how she feels. thank you
Yeah we don't mind helping her out I'm good at listening and making people laugh ^_^
@resavalencia Do you think there anything that the MISFITS can do to help? Do you think we could help her?
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well apparently theres change in plans i have to go to school rn but ill tell u guys about it at lunch when i can use my phone
I don't have snapchat. sigh. However, all I can tell you is that just listening and being there, does wonders!
thank you guys so much btw. You guys are so great for helping. i couldnt thank you enough. And yeah, she isnt on vingle. she doesnt have line or kakao either but Im sure she would be willing to make one.
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ok i will
I guessing you friend isn't on Vingle, but is she or would she be willing to get on Line or Kakao? We have really great support groups started on both of those and we would love to have her join - I'm sure she would find a lot of people who understand what she is going through.
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