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Hope you enjoy Part 8 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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Namjoon has had a rough day as he comes back to the dorm. Jin greets him by kissing him gently on the cheek. "I'm so sleepy," Namjoon says as Jin hands him a cup of tea. Jin smiles cutely, "when go take a shower and we can talk about it in bed." The rest of the members are asleep by now, but Jin and Namjoon are now in bed together. Both staring up at the ceiling. Jin suddenly speaks in a serious, but soft voice, "so tell me what happened today?" Namjoon chuckled a bit, "well maybe I was exaggerating a bit." Jin looked over at Namjoon, "Namjoon you know you can tell me anything." Namjoon smiled at Jin, but said nothing in response. Jin sat up, "Namjoon did someone do something to you?" Namjoon had mysteriously fallen asleep so fast. Jin got up to get a late night snack and came back to the room, but Namjoon was actually asleep. Jin sighed and kissed Namjoon's forehead. Jin laid down and went to sleep.
The following morning Jin was making breakfast, while Yoongi helped. Jungkook and Jimin were doing laundry. Hoseok and Taehyung set the table. Namjoon was still asleep. Jin set the food on the table and called for all the members to come eat. All the members rushed over, except Namjoon. Jin went into the room and tried waking Namjoon up. Namjoon opened his eyes slowly and yawned, "it's morning already?" Jin laughed, "come on lazy butt." Namjoon sat up and walked with Jin to the dining table. They all ate and talked with each other, but Jin was still concerned for Namjoon. He kept asking himself, "what happened yesterday that got Namjoon so tense?" Namjoon grabbed Jin's hand as he saw Jin becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Jin snapped out of his daze and looked at Namjoon. Namjoon kissed Jin on the cheek, "you okay?" Jin hesitated, "I'm fine." Jin pulled Namjoon to the room. "Tell me whats wrong with you now, " Jin said in a stern voice. Namjoon hugged Jin, "thinking of ideas for our next project is hard." Jin smiled, "yeah it is, but we're all here for you if you need us." Namjoon grabbed Jin's hand and led him out to where all the members were still eating. "I know you're all here for me, we are BTS after all," Namjoon said as he smiled at all the members. They all stared back at him smiling and cheering.

Hope you enjoyed Part 8 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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