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This show is just taking over everything, isn't it? I just keep finding so much cute or really well done fan art that I can't help but share it!!!!

Here's a few more cool pieces I think everyone should see!

Rem & Ram!

Rem....is a vegetable.....

(oh my god...I'm so sorry....)

Rem Pouting

Art by ZucchiniJuice again

Rem on Vacation!

Art by Huksly

Emilia Art Timelapse!

A different emilia timelapse XD

Rem & Emilia!

Art by: mogursanan

Hope that helps heal the wait for the next episode :P

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REM #1 #TeamRem
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Rem is the only one for him. and puck rem and puck.
a year ago
My reaction to the 2nd picture: 😮
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