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Oppa Happy Birthday ELF miss you on stage very much but if you are happy then we are to we will always stand beside no wether as a singer or an actor we will be their for you no matter what keep doing what makes you happy and ELF will watch we will take care of you and protect you when you are sick or feeling down ELF will be there to catch you when you think you might fall we promise to never let go of your hand. Please Oppa always stay healthy and happy keep warming us with that beautiful smile of yours ELF get so happy when you are going to start in a drama we feel so proud of you that we shed tears of joy knowing that you are working really hard to show is a good performance so thank you so much Oppa we love you and we miss you very much but as long as we can still see your smile on tv we are very happy.SARANGHAE Oppa ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘
Never forget that you are still part of this beautiful Sapphire Blue Ocean
I drew this picture from a pic I saw online I wanted to post this to show Kibum Oppa that ELF will keep there promise no matter what and that we are never letting go. I hope you like my drawing 💘💘💘 I put a lot of heart into it. Tagging our talented ELF Reps @GamerKyumin @twistedpuppy @KokoroNoTakara @kpopLifeu @Kpossible4250
It's beautiful!!!!!
I love the message and the artwork is gorgeous! Thank you for contributing!!!! :D We got you, btw :)
@Kpossible4250 thank you so much I tried my best. @GamerKyumin thank you I tried my best when I was drawing it ❤️ I'm glad you like it it makes me feel so happy that someone like my art 😢🙏😘❤️. I'm glad I could contribute on this project 😊.Awesome thanks
Any fan art deserves to be appreciated. It definitely shows your love to the group :) We're appreciate it more that you joined! We hope to do this again next time :)