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Happy Day! So I admit I changed up the tactic on this chapter just a little bit! Since we've been so focused on other things I had this craving to do the radio show. So I hoping that the first part of this makes you happy! Sooo this is a really long chapter, mostly due to the radio show. I'm a little uncertain on how well people will like this. Let me know what you all think about having these interviews thrown in here about other groups.
Once the movie ended Yoongi turned the TV off. "Is anyone even awake?" He asked. "Me" jenni said. "And me" Joonie said next, "me too" sarah said. "Me four!" Jimin said. "Okay, you people are awake" he said taken aback. Jenni stood up leaving her place on Joonie. "What time is it?" She asked. "11:10" Yoongi said. "What? Oh gosh I can't believe how late it got" sarah said. "Do you want to stay the night?" Namjoon asked Jenni and Sarah. "We really shouldn't " jenni said. "Especially since we work in a couple hours" she added. "If we leave now we can probably get a little bit of sleep" jenni said turning to sarah "Hmm, can we take him up and just stay?" She asked, "Im sleepy" sarah added. "Come on babe" namjoon said grabbing her hand and pulling her back down to him. "Okay fine" she said giving in. "Good" he said making her giggle as he held onto her. “I'm comfy I'm staying here” Sarah said snuggling under Kookie arm that was wrapped around her he was asleep and still holding onto her. “than we’ll take the room” Namjoon said. “Really? “ Jenni questioned. “Comfy bed babe, better than out here with these two” Namjoon told her. Yoongi was already waking the other members and telling them to go to their rooms. Jimin had already left to go to bed in his room. Namjoon took Jenni to his his room to sleep on his bed. "Can you make sure I get up about 3?" She asked even as he set an alarm. "Hmm, come on let’s sleep" he yawned and pulled her close to snuggle on the bed. He had wrapped his arms around her waist so he was spooning her. Within minutes she was falling asleep. A few hours later the alarm went off waking them both up. neither one of them moved for a few minutes just lying there together waking up. “I should move” Jenni finally said still sleepy. “Hmm no stay” he said in a husky sleepy voice making her giggle. “Oh trust me, I want to, but I need to get up and go to work” she tried being responsible “come on just a little longer” he said into her ear making her shiver and press closer to him, she felt a bulge against her back and her eyes popped open. “You must be really happy I'm here right now “ Jenni said making him chuckle and hold her tighter. “Yes I am, waking up with you in my arms” he told her. “Oh I like it too, but um, something is poking my back” Jenni pointed out. He went very still behind her and she could feel his mood changing. “Hmm don't worry about it” he said before he shifted so his lower body was longer pressed against her. “Was that what I think it is?” Jenni asked “yes it was” Namjoon mumbled “okay just little bit of awkwardness now, thanks Joonie” Jenni said getting up. “it's a normal Reaction jenni” Namjoon groaned “But . . but you feel so big “ Jenni exclaimed turning to him. “You should already know this, it's not like you haven't felt me before” he stared at her “How could you forget Kooki and Sarah walked in on us?” he questioned sitting up straight so he could look at her. “i wanted to forget sarah and Kooki interrupted us” Jenni said “Plus at the time I was little distracted with you being half naked” Jenni added and it made him chuckle. “Glad you liked what you saw” he smirked as her making her go weak in the knees. “I was distracted by other things too but I still remember what you look like under that shirt of yours” he told her making her blush. “You could refresh my memory though, maybe I’ll refresh yours” he hinted as he sat up. There was a knock at the door. “Jenni, I'm not coming in, I don't want to be scarred but are you ready for work? We have to leave in a few minutes” Sarah was at the door “Yes I'm up and decent” Jenni called out. “But don't come in” she added. “I'll be out in a minute“ she added. Joonie covered himself with the blanket. “Every time. I'll see you later Joonie “ Jenni laughed. “Okay love you” he grinned “i love you too” she leaned down and kissed him. Jenni walked out with a blush on her cheeks just to see Sarah looking flustered. “something happen with Kooki? “ Jenni asked. There was a moment of silence, “Well there was something that happened. He woke me up earlier when he was still asleep” She giggled. “At some point we had moved in our sleep so I was laying on top of him. He thought he was still asleep and making love to me ” Sarah exclaimed. Jenni burst out laughing. “He doesn't need to have a dream about it, I'll gladly give it to him” sarah said. “It was a little strange cause I woke up to him touching me and kissing my neck. When I woke him up he was confused but I told him it was okay I knew what I was doing-” “Okay okay stop I don't want to be scarred by you” Jenni said making her laugh. “It's not as bad as you and Joonie we had all of our clothes still on and we didn’t go as far as you too” Sarah said. “ J hope had walked in at the moment and shocked us” she added making them laugh. “Every time someone has to interrupt” Jenni laughed. “Granted in public areas it’s very easy to get walked in on” she added. “I should have known that from you, but come on, in the middle of the night who would have thought someone would interrupt” Sarah whined making Jenni laugh even more. “Oh with a house full of boys yes yes I think it’s possible” she said. “Come on, let's go to work, Jenni is going to be focused focused only on work” Jenni told her making her laugh. “Oh let's see how that goes” Sarah said.
It was Friday morning and the girls were having a fabulous morning so far, after spending the night at the boys place. Sarah and Jenni walked in at 3 40 for their early morning show. "This is a day all about work isn't it?" Jenni questioned seeing boss man coming in their direction. "What makes you think that?" Sarah asked. "Boss man is headed this way" jenni pointed out. "So? Appa! What brings you around so early? Your not here until after our first show" sarah said when he stopped in front of them "Because there's work that needs to be done" he sighed. He looked tired. "Did you get sleep? " Jenni asked "Not alot. Listen girls I have to get started on paperwork for this afternoon" he said. "But there is one thing, you have a girl group coming in for the afternoon, it's a group that not does not have alot of recognition. " he told them. "That sounds good" sarah nodded "who is it?" She asked. "I'll let you know after I go through the papers. There is another thing I want to discuss with you " he said. "What's that? " sarah asked "It’s just an idea until you two agree. I want to bring more groups in on your afternoon shows. What do you think of once a week you have a group come in that is either underground or doesn't have a lot of recognition? You'll be able to expand on your questions and promote them" boss man suggested. Jenni started to jump up and down clapping her hands. "Omg I love that idea! It means we have steady flow of people and omg we get to know new music groups" jenni was excited about it already. "Can we pick a few groups to do it with too?" Sarah asked bubbling with excitement. "Of course! If you know of a few let me know the group so I can contact their agencies " he agreed. Now it was Sarah’s turn to jump up and down in excitement. "Is there anything else? We have to go on now" jenni said seeing Julia coming out of their studio room looking panicked. "I believe you two talked about Agust D coming out the other day, have you talked about Exo music video Lotto coming out? "He asked. "Yes yes we do that today! And black Pink oh wait we already talked about them, we'll figure out what's new right now" jenni said as Sarah started walking to the room. "We should get going to the show. It's starting now" jenni said and he nodded. "Come see me after and I'll let you know what group will be on today" bods man said before they parted. "We are live and alive this morning with Diamond and Ruby! How's everyone doing this morning?" Sarah was already talking when jenni walked in. "Alive? I'm so glad that's what we are" jenni laughed taking her seat. "Diamond Diamond I'm so super super excited this morning! " jenni said talking into her mic. "What has you so excited this early in the morning? " sarah laughed. "This week has been amazing! First Suga finally drops his mixtape, then starts dropping music video after music video, I know we're still waiting on one more video from him, Exo just dropped their music video Lotto, vixx dropped their video fantasy, CL has her song lifted out, Twice had their V live plus and big bang has their V live plus coming out soon too. I think that was all this week! so much has happened I didn't think anything could top it!" Jenni went through the list of things that happened throughout the week. "Oh oh I want to share!" Sarah was raising her hand. "Go ahead Diamond" jenni chuckled. "Well you shared all the good stuff but I have something even more exciting that we're going to get to do!" Sarah said bubbling with excitement, Jenni let out a couple giggles. "So we just discussed with our boss that we will be bringing in different groups every week! It's going to be so fun having all these people in here!" Sarah squealed. "As you can see we absolutely love the idea!" Jenni laughed. "Oh and Diamond don't forget to mention what kind of groups!" Jenni said. "Yes Ruby you're right! We are going to get the not so recognized groups and underground groups in the studio" sarah said. "Oh you know what we should do as well?" Jenni shot out "We should have our listeners tell us some of these groups they would want to know more about!" Jenni said. "That would be cool Ruby! I'm sure more than two minds will know more groups!" Sarah agreed. They spent some time coming up with groups that they knew were small and unknown, the topic got shifted to which day of the week they should do it on. They both ended up turning over to what new things they could do to spice up the show a bit. Something for the morning show and something for the afternoon show. "I still think doing it on Wednesday would be a good idea" jenni said. " I was thinking Mondays! Get the ball rolling at the beginning of the week!" Sarah said. "Thats a good reason, but I still like wednesday better" jenni said. "Oh and I have one more thing before we move on" jenni raised her hand making sarah laugh. "What is that Ruby?" Sarah asked. "Since we talked about new things to do why don't we ask our morning listeners what activity we should do, say every weekend, well except for this weekend we already have the panic room idea floating around, which yes we are doing this weekend!" Jenni said. "So you want them to give us ideas for what to do with our spare time?" Sarah questioned. Jenni thought for a second. "Yes yes I do " she nodded, "Come on then Mondays we go over how we did at said activity" jenni said. "Please!" "Okay okay so what, we do that every Friday morning? Take ideas?" Sarah asked. "Yup yup" " jenni said. "Fine, we'll do it! It'll get us active more often I'll tell you that" sarah said. "Well we used up all the time for the morning but we will be back at noon!" Sarah said. "Wow, did we really talk the entire time?" Jenni laughed. "Yea we did. We had some pretty interesting things to say. So we'll be taking a break now and back later with a couple guests. I hope you all look forward to it! After all it’s a surprise!" Sarah said. They both ended the show and then sat back in their chairs. "What brought this whole work ethic to a new level" sarah asked making Jenni shrug. "I don't know, we haven't paid too much attention to what's going on around us in the music world we've just been talking random lately and I kind of wanted to get back on track with it, plus spice it up a bit with some events. with boss man bringing in a new idea I figure it's time to step it up" jenni said. "Alright fine. I'm just along for the ride then" sarah said. "This is going to get interesting. I just wonder how long this kick is going to last" sarah chuckled "I give it a month of activities but there are so many groups that will last a while" jenni smiled "Lets go find out which group were having this afternoon " jenni finally got up and sarah followed. They made a stop at the boss man's office to see he was really bombarded with paperwork. He told them they would have a group called melody day on that afternoon. Neither of them had heard of the group before but were willing to check them out. After leaving there they left and went to their apartment. For once the guys weren't waiting for them, probably because they saw them two hours ago. On the break Sarah and Jenni got a couple hours more of sleep and than woke up and did some research on melody day so they could talk with them about what they have been up to in their career.
A few songs by Melody Day !!! YEY the girls are finally doing an interview with a girl group
When the afternoon came Jenni and Sarah walked into their studio and got ready to have people come in. Not five minutes into the show was there a knock at the glass, Julia was letting them know their guests were there. “So everyone we have a couple special guests this afternoon. I’m not sure if you had tuned in this morning when we brought up how we were bringing in idol groups every week consistently, that is. Today we have a group which maybe not everyone knows but I can tell you I’m sure you have heard a few songs from them without even knowing it” Jenni said changing over to introduce the girl group. “What do you mean we’ve heard of them?” Sarah asked. “Great question Diamond. See these girls have a lot of songs out in drama’s and you know how me and Diamond love our drama’s. I say I was slightly shocked that some of the drama’s I’ve watched actually have their music in it.” Jenni said. “What is their latest one?” Sarah asked. “Hmm well you know how we’ve been watching Beautiful Gong Shim, well guess what, Yeo-eun actually has a song in it called ‘If it’s you’” Jenni said. “Wow. are they in any other drama’s we’ve watched?” Sarah asked. “Yes, they have songs in cheongdamdong Alice, Master’s Sun, Fated to love you, and You will love me” Jenni said. “Plus a bunch of others, some I haven’t watched or heard of” Jenni said. “Well that’s pretty cool. Why don’t we bring these ladies in and introduce them” Sarah said. “Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce, Melody Day!” Sarah said holding out her hand as the girls came in. Jenni burst out laughing. “I’m sorry I just couldn’t help but laugh. Diamond you make it sound like we're on a variety show here” jenni said. “Oh come on Ruby, you know that was an amazing entrance for them” Sarah said as the girls sat down. “Okay okay, yea it was” Jenni nodded. “Hi girls, why don’t you introduce yourselves for our listeners” Jenni said. “Hi, I’m Yeo-eun” She started. “I’m Cha-hee, the youngest!” “Hello I am Yee-in” “And I am Yoomin” “Welcome. So We already heard that you girls do a lot of ballad music in drama’s. Question is, are you a fan of drama’s?” Sarah asked making them laugh. “I love drama’s. In our spare time me and Yee-in catch up on all the episodes we’ve missed.” Chae hee said. “Well we only get to watch weekly so they add up” Ye-in said. “Oh that’s like what we do!, Except we tend to binge watch one full show at a time nowadays” Sarah said. “So what else do you do in your spare time?” Sarah asked. “Hmm, we don’t get that much time anymore. We have started working really hard on our comeback over the past couple months” Ye-eun said. “Oh? Oh that right you recently had a music video come out, Color, was it?” jenni asked. On their break she had dug up some information about them so she knew who they were and what was recent by them. “That’s right! Have you seen it?” Cha hee questioned sounding excited. “We have! It was a fun video, it was very upbeat!” Sarah said. “Yea, although I really liked your song Speed up” Jenni said. “That’s one of my favorite songs so far” Yoomin said. “Nice!” Sarah said. “Okay we got a couple questions before we can do something fun!” Sarah said. “So question one, I heard there was a new member to the group that joined after you debuted” Jenni said. “That’s yoomin right?” she asked. “Yes, yes I joined the group in 2014 to become the fourth member” Yoomin said. “So what were your first impressions of the others?” she asked. Yoomin laughed. “Well I thought they would all be very feminine, they are all very pretty and feminine looking” Yoomin explained. “And my first impression of her was that she was masculine” Yee-in chuckled “Hey!” Yoomin laughed. “I am very feminine” she said which made Jenni and sarah laugh. “How can you say she’s masculine? She looks so delicate and dressed up so cutely” Jenni said “But look at those muscles” Cha hee poked at Yoomin’s arms, “And that stomach. She is so toned” she added. “I’d be jealous of that. I have thin skinny-” “Wimpy no muscle arms?” Jenni finished for sarah. “Hey, that’s hurtful” Sarah said taken aback making jenni laugh. “So you girls what body part would you want from another member?” Sarah asked. “Yoomin’s tiny waist” “Yoomin’s muscles” “Yoomin’s eyes! They are so wide and colorful” Each girl said something about Yoomin. “Alright we see who your all looking at” Sarah said laughing “Okay now I am curious have any of you got to go on a vacation since you debuted?” Sarah asked “No but that would be really fun” Cha hee answered. “Where would you want to go? “ Sarah asked. “I would want to go to China! I would be considered quite the beauty there” Cha hee said. “Really?” Sarah laughed. “Aren’t you already considered a beauty?” She asked. “Yes I am thanks for saying that” Cha hee chuckled. “Okay how about you Yeo-eun?” Jenni moved on to the next girl. “I think I would say China too. I’ve never been there before” Yeo Eun answered. ‘Hmm never thought of china but since they want to go I’d be willing!” Yee- in said. “Well I’m going to be different. I think it would be fun to go to a vacation spot. Somewhere with a bright sun and, oh, Guam or maybe Maldives would be fun” Yoomin grinned. “Oh those are good choices!” Sarah said. “Maybe Las vegas!” Yoomin said. “Going for the states! Las vegas is a good place. So is Miami, oh also LA” Jenni named off a few hot spots. “Hawaii!” sarah said. “Those would be fun to visit!” Cha hee said. “Hmm the ideas for a trip” she grinned. “Okay! Okay, Well we’re going to take a break for a moment and play one of Melody Day’s songs before we come back with a game to do with the girls” Jenni said. “Hmm speed up or Color?” Sarah asked. “What do you girls think?” Jenni asked. It was three for Color and one for speed up. “Well I guess color it is” Jenni said before playing the song.
Okay I admit I loved this song by them
They took a short break to play the song and get organized for a moment. “this is going better the I thought” Cha hee said. “What do you mean?” Sarah asked. “were you nervous?” Jenni asked “a little. We haven't done a show like this” Cha hee said. “we've done a bunch of variety shows lately” Yeo-eun said. “Really? That's exciting” Sarah said. “were back on in thirty” Jenni said. “Oh gosh I can't believe I forgot to ask right away” Jenni said thumping herself in her forehead “What did you forget. ... Oh really? How could you forget to ask? Wait a minute does that qualify as a default to me?” Sarah questioned realizing what Jenni forgot. “we're on and no Diamond no it doesn't “ Jenni said. “people can you believe Ruby has actually forgotten to ask our guests our number one question!” Sarah said into the mic. “I was side tracked. See this is why I should not focus on one thing, it means I forget everything else. I really can't leave my goofy self behind” Jenni fake sighed. “I'm back, goofy Ruby has returned! Since I have just in time for our fun answer or dare game!” Jenni laughed as did sarah. “Well I'm beating you to it for once. So members of melody day, we have a very important question for you!” Sarah grinned. “Panda or tiger?” she asked They started to laugh. “If you answer panda I'll give you a stuffed animal panda!” Jenni said holding out one of the panda. She now had a stash of a bunch of pandas on her side of the desk. “that's bribery!” Sarah exclaimed making the girls laugh. “Well fine than you can't give them any of the Tigers you have” Jenni said making sarah fake shock. “Why? How'd you know?” Sarah laughed pulling out a tiger “you bought at least ten of them with me” Jenni laughed. “Well I guess it's even! But come on with you handing panda's out for your army I had to start doing the same with my tigers!” Sarah said. “well I still have more and I bet I'll get a few more in my army today” Jenni said noticing Cha hee eyeing the panda. Yoomin was eyeing the tiger “Cha hee do you want want a panda?” Jenni asked. She started nodding. “Panda!“ she called out making jenni chuckle and hand it to her. “Tiger!“ Yoomin called out next making sarah laugh and hand her a tiger. “one to one so far, are we going to tie?” Sarah asked. “I choose panda!” Yee-in raised her hand “I'll tie it! I like tiger better!” Yeo-eun said. “Sweet! “ Sarah said. “well we tie but I totally just got my two favorite out of the group! “ Jenni grinned. “Ruby! That's not nice! What about the other two?” Sarah scolded her. “But they picked panda” Jenni whined like a child making the girls laugh. “that would make you like them okay fine I let it go” Sarah sighed. “it's okay I like my tiger girls!” Sarah said. “So now we have a fun game to play” Jenni said pulling out a stack of cards. “Ruby?” Sarah questioned. “Yes?” Jenni said shuffling the flash cards. “Is that the stack of questions?” She asked. “Yes” Jenni drew out the word with a grin. “We are going to play answer or Dare! You draw a card and either you answer the question or you take a Dare and the question will be passed on to the next person in line” jenni explained the game. “We haven’t played this in a long time!” Sarah exclaimed making Jenni laugh. “I think the last time was when you dared me to give up Panda’s and I refused and called game over.” Jenni laughed. “You had been annoying me with panda’s!” Sarah said. “I love panda’s!” Jenni said. “But yes, So we are breaking the seal once more on these cards for these fabulous girls!” Jenni said. “Are you ready?” she asked them. “Let’s do this!” Cha hee cheered holding onto her panda. “Ready!” Yoomin chimed in. “Okay, well why don’t we start with Diamond and work our way around in a circle and end with me?” Jenni said putting the stack of cards on the table between them all. “Wait, do you have the dare cards?” Sarah asked. Jenni grinned. “Oh yea we need those don’t we” she laughed and opened her bottom drawer to dig around and pulled out a small stack of cards that had pictures of bombs on the back. She shuffled those and than set them next to the question cards. “So I’ll go first” Sarah said. “Oh but to keep it at a certain length we’ll do two rounds” She said. “Okay” the four girls nodded. “So what is your question?” Jenni asked. “Well Ruby, my question is ‘ What is the last furry thing you touched?’ Oh that is way to easy! It’s my baby tigers!” Sarah laughed holding onto one of the orange fluffy tigers she still had close by. It made Jenni laugh. “Nice! Alright Yoomin you are next!” Jenni said. Yoomin picked up the next card and laughed when she read it to herself first. “Okay, What is the last song you listened to? Oh gosh considering we just listened to Color I can remember that” Yoomin laughed. “These are pretty easy so far” Cha hee said as she picked up the next card. “Oh just wait, these may not be hard questions, they are just really really random questions” Jenni told her. “What question did you get?” she asked. “My question is Oh” she laughed. “I like this! Who in the room would you choose to do your bidding for the day?” Cha hee giggled like crazy. “Will you answer? Or choose dare?” Sarah questioned. “I am answering I’m answering!” she shot out. “I pick Yeo-eun. She dots on me all the time and would more than likely do it” Cha hee said. “Your our makane, our wild child.” Yeo-eun laughed. “Wait does this mean Yee-in is like the mother of the group?” Sarah asked. “I this so” Cha hee said while laughing. “That’s great. Oh let’s see what question the mother picks!” Sarah said. “Okay I’ll pick” Yeo-eun said. “What is the favorite age you’ve been so far?” She read the question. “Hmm I think I want to say 24. It was after our debuting and we were no longer rookies plus we got our last member and I have really good memories of that whole year” Yeo-eun explained. “Awe isn’t that the sweetest!” Jenni cooed. “Omgosh wait I think we are the same age!” jenni said. “Are you 89 or 90?” “I’m a 90’s baby” Yeo-eun grinned. “Barely, I’m in January” “That’s funny Ruby here is barely an 89 baby with her birthday in december” Sarah pointed out. “Yup three days before January” Jenni chuckled. “That is close. I’m at the end of january on the 25th” Yeo-eun said. “Yes! I have found someone who has a birthdate close to mine!, off by less than a month. Closest I’ve found yet!” jenni laughed excitedly. “Congrats Ruby!” Sarah said. “Okay okay now that we’ve got birthdays over. Yee-in I believe your question is next” Jenni said moving on with the game. “Alright” She picked up a card. “ What is the longest you’ve gone without bathing?” Yee-in read the question. Most of the girls giggled. “Want to play a dare card?” Sarah tried to tempt her. “No, I can answer” Yee-in said slowly. “I think the longest was 6 days.” she finally came up with a number. “6, just short of a week? When was this?” Cha hee questioned. “I thought it would have been around our debut when we couldn’t sleep but just had to pratice and pratice day and night” she said. “It is actually. I’ve learned showering helps to wake you up and loosen your muscles after a workout” Yee-in said. “Okay, Ruby your next?” Yee-in moved the focus onto her very fast. “K K, I’ll pick a question” Jenni said. “Pick a dare, no one picked dare yet” sarah said. “No, I don’t want a dare, I want question” Jenni said as she picked up a card and turned it over. “ My question is What is one unique thing you are afraid of?” Jenni read it. “This will be good” Sarah laughed. “This is hard is more like it” Jenni said. “Why not pick dare than?” she asked. “Because I don’t want to. I got it I’ll list three things off since I’m not sure what would be considered unique” Jenni said. “Spiders are normal, bats are normal, so is insects. Oh alright I have one.I am afraid that if I hold an electrical device in my hand when I walk through a doorway I’ll drop it and break it and my whole world will shatter” jenni said. The four girls stared at her but Sarah burst out laughing. Jenni smiled and looked over at the girls. “Is that unique enough?” she asked. “I’ve never heard that fear before” Yeo-eun said. “It’s steamed from an event that happened. A couple years ago I actually dropped my cell phone in an electronic door and it smashed it completely crushing it” Jenni told them. “So ever since than Ruby can’t walk through a door with a cell phone in her hand” Sarah said. “That a joke?” Cha hee questioned. “Nope true story. I'm a big klutz so of course any kind of scenario I come up with to be a joke has to be extravagant “ Jenni laughed. “Omo lime the time you told me there was chicken crossing the road across 6 lanes of traffic “ Sarah laughed “Yea everyone thought I was joking except Diamond here. What made you believe me anyway?” Jenni asked “probably when you questioned if it was a chicken or a hen and than wanted to tell the cop up ahead except for once he wasn't there. Once you go into detail and than question your details it no longer sounds like a joke” Sarah laughed “it makes for a bad joke” Jenni said. The four girls were giggling at the story. “Okay round one is over, round two! Diamond you're up! “ Jenni said. “Fine, I'm going to pick dare since no one has yet” Sarah said. “You fell for it muhahaha” Jenni did an evil laugh. “it's not like you're giving me the dare, the card is” Sarah said glad for that. She flipped the bomb card and revealed her dare. “ get money from someone in the building” Sarah read the card. She got an evil grin on her face now. “Uh oh” Jenni said. “Oh yes Ruby” Sarah said. “ask appa! “ Jenni threw out there but she shook her head no. “Nope Ruby where is your bag!” Sarah said getting up. “You're not taking money out of my wallet! “ Jenni exclaimed they ended up running around the room for a moment before Sarah tackled her down and took her wallet, pulled a few bills out and stuffed it down her shirt. “I win!” Sarah said “I am so telling your boyfriend what you Just did “Jenni said sticking her tongue out. “that's mean “ Sarah said as she took her seat “So who's next?” Sarah asked “I am” Yoomin answered. She picked up a card and laughed. “have you ever stolen from someone? Diamond I think this was for you “ Yoomin said making everyone laugh. “I think we all know the answer if she got it” Jenni said “Well it was for a dare,and it's just you Ruby. So Yoomin have you ever stolen anything?” she asked “does my mom's make up count?” Yoomin questioned. “Really?how old were you yoomie ?” Cha hee questioned. “I was twelve. My mom wouldn't let me buy some so I used hers” Yoomin explained. “So bad, but that's cute story” Sarah said. Yoomin had covered her face with her hands “Cha hee you go” Yoomin said “Sure “ she said she picked a card up out of truth. “You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?” Cha hee grinned. “China! I had said it before I really want to visit there” she laughed. Yee-in picked up the next card and read it out loud. “would you want the ability to time travel or to fly?” Yee-in read. “Oh I love this question “ Sarah said. “I think I would choose to time travel. I'd be able to see the future and revisit the past” she answered. “Oh that is so smart “ Cha hee commented. “Thanks, I think “ she grinned. “Now it's Yeo-eun turn” Cha hee clapped. She was really getting it's to it. “Okay, simple question “ Yeo-eun said “would you rather read books all day or watch dramas all day” she read. “I would have to say read books all day. “ she said. “You would, you like to read a lot” Cha hee laughed. “Ruby is the same way” Sarah said. “I do so love books” Jenni said. “Now it's Ruby's turn.” Cha hee said making the girls laugh. “Alright what do I get, hmm this is interesting” Jenni said. “Who told you they loved you last?” Jenni read. Sarah grinned evil, she knew who did. “should I answer or go for dare?” Jenni debated. “Oo, do you have a boyfriend?” Cha hee questioned. “... yes I do” She answered “have you told each other already?” Cha hee asked. “. . . . . Yes we have” Jenni was blushing so hard now. “and when did he tell you?” Cha hee was digging deeper. “he called her just to tell her he loves her isn't that sweet” Sarah squealed. “was it this morning, he said it too?” Sarah finally chipped him. “I choose dare!” Jenni called out making them laugh. “I dare you to answer!”Sarah said. “seconded! “ Cha hee said. “Ugh okay yes he said it to me this morning when we parted” Jenni finally said. There was a bunch of cooing going on now. “so who is this guy?” Cha hee asked “he's my boyfriend, I shall not fall under peer pressure and give names!” Jenni declared “Okay we won't push” Sarah cut in making Cha hee pout. She was adorable. “Game over! Yey we're all winners!” Jenni said. “We have spent the last couple hours getting to know you guys, I can honestly say you girls are awesome!” Sarah said. “I can totally see befriending them! Diamond I want to befriend them!” Jenni declared making her laugh. “Well I see Ruby is expanding on her friendship circle here too” Sarah said “Sadly it's time to wrap up the show. We got a couple last songs to give you all though. We'll play a couple from melody day and our two addicted of the week!” Sarah said. They wrapped up the show saying goodbye and than turned on the music.
After the show Jenni and Sarah put their papers away as they talked. “This was so much fun! Did you girls have fun?” Jenni asked. They all nodded and said various things about liking the show. “I would say lets hang out after this but we have plans with our boyfriends” Sarah said. “Hey what about another day! It would be awesome to hang out with you girls, you know as friends” Jenni said than looked up from her paperwork shyly. “That is if you would want to be friends?” Jenni said. “Friends?” Cha hee said. ‘“You would really want to be friends with us?’ she asked. “Well yea, I mean you're all pretty cool and fun” Jenni said. “That would be cool. We don’t get that many friends outside of other famous people” cha hee said. “We meet some pretty interesting people ourselves, don’t befriend all of them either” Sarah said. “Ruby’s real name is Jenni by the way, I’m Sarah” Sarah added. They finished packing up and were pulling out their phones. “Hey my baby messaged, it seems their waiting downstairs for us” Jenni said. “Yea I got a message too” Sarah said. “Why don’t we go downstairs, we can walk each other out and exchange numbers” She turned to talk to the girls. They nodded and so all of them headed out. In the elevator and inside they exchanged numbers. Cha hee and Jenni were talking about random things as Sarah and Yoomin were talking. Once they were on the bottom floor they made their way to the doors which was where Jenni spotted the boys waiting on the lobby couches. Sarah had already spotted and was calling out to them which made them all turn. Sarah made it to kooki and had gotten a welcome embrace from him. “Is that the boyfriend?” cha hee questioned. Jenni grinned. “One of them is mine, the other is Sarah’s” Jenni said. “Excuse me” she said politely and than went over, when she was close enough she launched herself at Namjoon and wrapped her arms around his neck making him hold onto her. “I missed you!” she told him making him laugh. “I missed you too my Klutzy panda!” he told her. “Are you ready to head out?” he asked. “Yea” Jenni nodded. “I think I recognize these two” Cha hee had come over. Namjoon eyed cha hee and her red hair. “Joonie, this is Cha hee, we had the group Melody Day in today” Jenni introduced. “Nice to meet you Cha hee. I’m Namjoon and this is Jungkook” Namjoon said as Kooki came over with sarah “Bangtan boys?” Cha hee questioned making him chuckle. “Yes, that’s our group” Namjoon said. Cha hee squealed.
So what do you all think? hehe you like the beginning with the boys? Oh gosh that was fun to write, had to do a little goodie in there. I got to add, I did my homework on Melody day and I swear once I started and was writing out the interview I kept finding all this other stuff after I was thinking to myself theres so little info but so many videos. Well just to find they've been putting all these new things out within the last couple weeks, like I had no clue of them and now they appear on variety shows, they just had a thing on v live today, oh gosh its kind of funny how that worked out.
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....why do I have a feeling of foreboding... like idk, something bout to go down.... BUT EITHER WAY AMAZI NG CHAPTER
It was very cute. I did.laugh at the.whole wake up at 3 am scene. Poor Kookie was.probably sooo embarrassed. New fodder for teasing!! I only.know a little about Mellody Day. My suggestion for a group is VAV. They are not well known at all.
omo i know of vav!!!! yay lol
That was cute, and I was ridiculously excited to see Junior/JinYoung in the "Speed Up" video.
@pharmgirlerin omg it's funny you say he was in it I hadn't even realized until I had read that comment lol @JaxomB lol omo teasing Kooki with that will be fun. I loved writing that early morning scene I was like nope what happens when they have to wake up, oh this happens lol. oh and VAV I don't think I've heard of them I'll have to check them out, maybe next time we get appearance lol. thanks for the suggestion! @kpopaddict16 can you really tell??? omo I totally have a few things up my sleeve for what's going to happen in the next couple chapters . lol either it's about to get real filthy or there's a fight but to happen, maybe both sorry Lil late with my comment reply college just started this week and I had also driven out if town to see a friend this week so no Internet fun for me since i posted lol
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@Kpopaddict16 yea don't really know how those girls will react after seeing that scene in front of them.
Haha funny thing I thought I never heard of them then speed up played and I was like omo i remember watching this because of junior and I really liked the song...lol....oh so now is my turn....Panic room?