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BoA released her debut solo album at the age of thirteen, and hasn't stopped since.

She opened for Britney Spears, she broke tons of music chart records in Japan, and she is unanimously known as the queen of Kpop.

After a five year break from Kpop in order to focus on the American and Japanese markets, BoA came back stronger than ever with these three tracks which are 6 years old this month.

Six Years Old This Month:

Game, Hurricane Venus, and Copy&Paste.

She's best known for her incredible dancing!

And her English tracks! She was the first Kpop artist to really break into the US market :)

Most recently, she collaborated with Beenzino for the song "No Matter What"

August 25 will be her 16th year anniversary of her debut.

Let's hear it for the Queen!

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I know I said a whole bunch of groups got me in to kpop but boa....she is the real MVP because of the Ending to Inuyasha called Every Heart
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OMG. That's exactly how I discovered Kpop. Then I got into G.O.D, Shinhwa and the other Kpop artist.
looove BoA!! yassss
She's forever queen of dancing in Kpop. I haven't found female artist with this type of aura. There are many talented dancers for BoA is modest, passionate, and cool. Also, I still remember when she first broke into the US Market. I randomly found out she is doing a fan sign in Pasadena F21 and saw a glimpse of her. My sister and I also got a free poster for being there (randomly).
omg seriously?! you were blessed by the queen!!!!!!!
her music will always be on the top of my list! She's amazing in soo many ways!
She is just... WOW! Her music got me hooked up on girlbands and female idols. She definitely IS the Queen of KPOP.