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Too Much Chapter 26: Hide and Seek

Hello everyone, chapter 26 is here. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter. I had a lot of fun writing it. As for this chapter... I'm sorry?
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 25
Word Count: 2882
Warning: May contain mild language. Contains a little bit of violence.
Rose POV
The drive to the park took over an hour. The boys wanted to go somewhere they could have fun without having to worry about fans seeing them. Apparently, one of the staff at BigHit lived in the area where the park was and informed the boys of its existence. The staff member said that no one ever goes there so it’d be the perfect place for us to have a picnic. The boys and their manager agreed, so there we went. I pulled up to the almost secluded parking lot. That staff member had been right. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the only other vehicle in the parking lot was the boys’ van. I wondered how long ago they had arrived. I texted Jin that I had arrived and then started to gather my purse and a couple large containers of food.
“Noona!” I looked up to see the maknaes running towards me.
“Hey boys!” I used my hip to close the door because my hands were full. The boys ran up to me and immediately started grabbing the food and taking off back to the park. “I see how it is!” I yelled at their retreating figures. “When there’s food, you just forget about me!”
“We’ll be back for you, noona!” Jimin yelled back. “When our hands aren’t so full.” He winked at me. {Dork}. With my hands now free, I was able to lock my car and start heading after the boys. I didn’t know anything about this park so I just hoped I didn’t get lost. A minute later, the boys were jogging back to me. I squealed when Taehyung picked me up so that my stomach was at his face level and proceeded to carry me to the picnic area. I knew that Jungkook was strong, but I guess he wasn’t the only one.
“Tae, put me down,” I laughed as I squirmed in his grasp.
“Never!” he responded dramatically. Then I ended up literally in the middle of a tug-of-war match, me being the thing being tugged on. Less than a minute later, it ended when Jimin fell, pulling me on top of him, facing each other, Taehyung on top of me, and Jungkook sprawled out next to us. We were all cracking up except Jimin whose face was completely red. {Guess he’s all talk, huh?} I decided to play a little more.
“Jimin, your face is a little red,” I said with a straight face as I brushed his bangs off of his forehead and then traced my hand around his face. He turned an even brighter red. I lost it and buried my face into his shoulder, laughing like there was no tomorrow. Taehyung brought his face to rest over my shoulder so he could see Jimin’s face.
“Hyung, your face is so red,” he laughed. Suddenly, there was extra weight as Jungkook jumped on top of the pile. We all groaned.
“Hey, are you guys gonna make it to the picnic or you just gonna keep trying to kill noona,” Hoseok barked playfully, heading to us.
“She’s ours!” Taehyung yelled.
“Help me Hobi-won Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” I cried dramatically, thrusting my arm towards him. His face broke out into a wide grin.
“Guess I have no choice.” Hoseok took off into a sprint and jumped on top of Jungkook. We all groaned again. Then he slid off and proceeded shove Taehyung in an attempt to get him off of me. Taehyung kept a tight grip and ended up flipping me with him.
Hoseok’s face turned red and he looked away. “L-let her go. Taehyung—your hands—she—her shirt.” I looked down. All the movement had caused my shirt to lift and Taehyung was hugging my bare midriff. I hadn’t even noticed. Taehyung noticed at the same time as me and immediately let me go. I scrambled to my feet and pulled my shirt down. Taehyung was hiding his face in his hands.
“Seriously, people are not allowed to say that I’m the pervert in this group,” Jimin teased Taehyung.
“Oh shut it, hyung,” Taehyung moaned into his hands. “How does this always happen to me?”
“Guess you’re just lucky like that,” Hoseok laughed.
“Jealous, hyung?” Jimin prodded Hoseok.
“What? No! It’s just a figure of speech, right noona?” Hoseok sputtered.
“Yes, it is,” I pushed his hair back from his face. He was pretty cute when he was flustered. I held my hand out to Taehyung to help him stand up. He took it and used it to propel himself up with a jump. “So what say we join the others?”
“Awwwww...I like having less people to share you with,” Jimin proclaimed as he wrapped his arms around my shoulder, hanging from them.
“Well, too bad, sharing is caring. I’m here for all you guys.” I held onto his arms and pulled him along to the rest of the group.
The park wasn’t exactly like a typical park. It reminded me more of pictures I had seen of Central Park in New York. It was surrounded by dense trees with small clearings scattered around, practically a forest. There wasn’t any playground equipment or the like. The spot the boys had picked was in a clearing that they said was close to the middle of the park. It really was so beautiful. Jimin had let go of me to start some weird game of tag with the other young boys, so I allowed myself to take in the beauty of nature. Sprays of various colored flowers made for a beautiful patchwork on the landscape. I made a mental note to come back here sometime, maybe with Nina. I thought that she might appreciate it also. Hoseok had kept pace with me so I turned to him to start a conversation. He was already looking at me.
“Oh, um, I was just gonna ask if you had ever been to a place like this.” Hoseok seemed flustered. {He’s been a little off today. I wonder if he’s okay}.
“Mm. Well, back home in America, there was a small park by my house that was kinda similar to this. But it wasn’t as big or secluded and especially not as beautiful.” I surveyed the view and turned back to Hoseok. He gave me his signature smile that could make any girl fall for him; if she weren’t already in love, of course. He was so sweet and I really loved having him as a friend. He was able to comfort and take care of me when I had my sleeping episode at their dorm. I grabbed his hand and swung our arms back and forth. “C’mon, the food is calling.” His smile got even brighter and he started to skip, forcing me to join him, both of us giggling like maniacs.
We got to the clearing where the other guys were. Yoongi was the first to see us. He looked happy at first but something seemed to catch his eye and he looked displeased. Hoseok let go of my hand and I turned behind me to see what might’ve caused him to react like that, but there was nothing behind us. I turned back to Yoongi with a questioning look but he was already looking somewhere else. I turned to Hoseok.
“What’s wrong with Yoongi?”
“What do you mean?” Hoseok eyes followed the three young boys who were still chasing each other in the clearing.
“I don’t really know. He just looks like he’s in a bad mood. Did something happen?”
Hoseok just shrugged in response. He started walking ahead of me. “C’mon. Let’s get the food set up.” {Now what’s up with Hoseok?} We reached the blanket where Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jin were already sitting. Namjoon gave me a quick smile before looking away. His eyes flitted between Yoongi and Hoseok who were sitting on opposite sides of the blanket, facing away from each other. I caught Jin’s attention and mouthed ‘What’s going on?’ He just gave me a smile and shrugged. {He definitely knows something}. I sighed loudly and started helping him set up the food and drinks.
When everything was set up, Jin called for the younger boys. They immediately sprinted for the blanket, skidding to a halt just at the edge. They started filling up their plates and talking about random things that I couldn’t keep track of. I watched as Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok quietly put food onto their plates, still not looking at one another. Eventually, the younger boys noticed the tension and the conversations stopped. I let the silence stay for about ten seconds before I decided that I needed to speak up.
“Okay, I don’t know what’s with you guys, and I won’t ask you to tell me, but can you at least pretend to get along right now? Today is supposed to be a fun break to get away from work stresses and just enjoy hanging out.” They stayed quiet. “Seriously? Nothing at all?” They glanced at each other but didn’t speak. There was something going on with the older boys and the younger ones were too anxious to say anything. I was really starting to get angry. I had one day to spend with them and they were gonna be like this the whole time? I set my chopsticks down gently, closing my eyes and taking slow, deep breaths. I didn’t want to explode at them, but really... “Why did you invite me? Huh? Why did you bother to invite me if you guys were gonna be like this?”
I didn’t know why I was getting so angry. Maybe it was because of the way Yoongi looked and was ignoring all of us. Or maybe it was because Hoseok looked guilty {of what?}. Or maybe because it seemed like they were hiding something from me. I mean, I know I had my secrets, but they said they understood, that I could take my time. But for them… I guess it wasn’t fair for me to think like that. I could keep secrets, but they couldn’t. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. “Nevermind. Let’s just eat.” I started putting some meat on each of their plates. “I’m sorry, don’t know why I’m so snippy today.”
“Are you on your period?” Jimin asked teasingly. Namjoon threw his jacket at him.
“Yah! Don’t say stuff like that.” We all started laughing. I guess that was what we needed because it was a bit less tense after that. We finished the main meal and decided to start playing some games. The mood got better as we played more games. We played a few games of ninja, players strike a “ninja pose” and, in turns, try to smack and avoid each other’s hands. This, of course, resulted in several face slaps and a few “accidental” below-the-belt hits and, more than once, the game had to be reset due to the resultant chases.
Then it was a dessert break. Then we had a couple games of card mafia. Players draw playing cards that assign them to the role of a mafia member, FBI, doctor, or random citizen, but they don’t tell anyone else. Everyone closes their eyes and then in turns, the observer (who isn’t part of the game) tells the FBI player to pick who they want to arrest, the mafia person to pick one player to “kill”, the doctor to pick one player to “save”, and then everyone opens their eyes. The observer lets everyone know if the mafia member has been caught, and if not, whether or not the doctor saved the person the mafia member tried to kill. After the third game of the doctor continuing to only save himself, resulting in either the FBI or everybody else dying, the boys decided to play another game.
First, a snack break. Then, we did some Frisbee football. Then another snack break. Then monkey in the middle with a soccer ball. Then another snack break. You get my drift. Almost all the tension from early had dissipated. There were still a few glances I caught between the three from earlier, but they seemed to mostly put whatever it was behind them. A few hours passed and the boys decided to play one last game before leaving. Hide-and-seek, a game I was quite skilled at.
We started to play and it quickly turned into another game: hide-and-seek-and-chase. They decided to allow the blanket to be a safe place and if you could reach the blanket before being caught, then you were safe. If everyone made it back, then the seeker was ‘it’ again. By the time the fifth round came around, I hadn’t even been spotted once. When Namjoon yelled that he had caught Jungkook, I once again, left my hiding spot. I walked towards the clearing, which was the reset place, and saw the boys talking quietly to each other. {What are these brats plotting?} As soon as I left the tree line, they stopped talking and looked at me. {Well, there’s my answer. They’re plotting something against me. That’s fine though, they haven’t even caught a glimpse of me during the rounds}.
Jungkook started counting and we all took off. I made sure no one was following me as I made my way back to my secret area. During the first round, I had discovered this small little gathering of trees. Three large trees and a number of small trees plus vines made a good little hiding spot. I could easily see out through the parted areas, but it was hard to see into. It gave me a clear view of all four sides and also allowed for easy escape should anyone actually find me. I was beginning to get a little nervous about the quiet when I heard yelling far away from me. Jungkook was probably chasing one of them. {Looks like I’ll be safe again}.
All of a sudden, one hand clamped around my mouth and another wrapped around my waist. I was lifted off the ground. {No! NO! NO! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN AGAIN!!!} My mind blanked and I let my eight years of self-defense take over. I elbowed the person as hard as I could in the solar plexus. I heard his breath forced out of him in a gush. He bent over, allowing my feet to touch the ground. I stomped on his right foot. I stepped back and turned, ready to deliver a palm-thrust to his nose in order to break it. I froze at the sight. Jungkook was doubled over holding his abdomen and trying to catch his breath. {Oh my God!}
“J-jung-k-kook,” I cried. I reached towards him. He looked up at me with tears streaming down his face and fear in his eyes. I jerked back. {Oh my God, what have I done?!} “J-j-jung—I-I’m so—“ Tears from the initial scare and now of guilt streamed down my face. I couldn’t take it anymore. The adrenaline was still coursing through my veins and it told me to run. Run as fast as I could. Run so I wouldn’t have to face how scared I had been. Run so I wouldn’t have to face that if I hadn’t hesitated, I could have killed him. Run so I wouldn’t have to face the fear and betrayal I saw in Jungkook’s eyes. The sweet, playful Jungkook that I had caused to have that look on his face.
It felt like slow motion as I turned and started to run. It was like those dreams you have where you are being chased but you can never run fast enough. I hadn’t run that fast since, well, since before the accident. I shouldn’t run like that, I knew that I could destroy my knees. And yet, part of me felt like, if that happened, it was the least that I deserved after what I had just done. I reached the clearing and almost ran straight into Hoseok. I barely managed to avoid plowing into him. I stumbled, but didn’t stop or slow down. I heard him call my name, but I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t. I didn’t even slow down when I bent down and snagged my purse. I just kept running.
I ran all the way to the parking lot. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely open the zipper on the purse, let alone hold the keys. After dropping them again and again, I saw Hoseok running towards me. I quickly snatched the keys off the floor and steadied them enough to put them in the key slot. I got in the car and locked all the doors. I once again struggled with the keys as I tried to put them in the ignition. There was a loud bang. I looked up. Hoseok looked scared and started pounding on the passenger window. My brain couldn’t even register the words he was saying. I turned my attention back to the keys which finally slid into the ignition. I started the car as Hoseok ran to my window. I threw the car in reverse and sped out of there as quickly as I could. I didn’t think I could ever face them again.
Soo...I'm sorry, please don't hate me for ruining the fun. Lol. But it had to be done. I hope you enjoyed it, nonetheless.
Thank you all for reading my story and this chapter. Thank you to everyone reading, liking, commenting, clipping, and following. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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Oh boy....she'll be lucky if she doesn't get in to an accident on the way home. Kookie needs to be the one to start the chain of texting....
I'm sure Kookie feels just more ways than one. He will also have to be the one to fix it.....
Yoongi will be needed to take care of the nightmares I'm sure she'll start having.
@JaxomB about Kookie: I know, right? His fault and he's the victim. And I'm sure we could all use a portable Yoongi, lol. I feel bad for all of them
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1 yr since I've seen BTS in Dallas, TX on 9/15/18!😭😭💜
Hello ARMY!! I can't believe 1 yr flew by already! It feels like I just saw them yesterday! *cries* I honestly will never forget that day! I had so much fun with my bestfriend at the concert! I was rewatching video's I took from the concert and I can't help but cry because of how much I miss them. I hope that one day they will come back to Texas. I would most definitely go and see them again! But right now the boy's are on vacation! I hope they are eating, sleeping, resting, and having a lot of fun!❤ here are cards I posted a couple day's after I saw them!❤ Enjoy!⤵️ *credit to the owner's of the gifs* ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska  @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul  @gabstar143  @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG  @ifitnessvn @Ilovephases @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929  @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rebeccariley52 @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @szewwy @Taekookimonster  @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*