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Has anyone watched it yet? What's your first impression of the initial episode?

I think Park Bo-Gum improved in his acting since his last drama. Park Yoo-Jung is great as usual. I keep forgetting she's only 16. Which is mind boggling because she's so mature and gorgeous giving love advice to the guys. lol. There's no doubt she'll nail the character. I just hope the plot will be just as good moving forward.
For some reason I think viewers might have a major second lead syndrome. Dear writer please don't break our heart and make Jinyoung character suffer. If you are catching Moonlight Drawn By Clouds let me know. It's been a while since I'm following dramas that are airing and so I'm super chatty. There are so many fun dramas out this month!

BTS V is also showing support for his buddy Bo-Gum.

I don't watch historical dramas but I plan to w\tch Hwarang the Beginning, it stars V and Minho from SHINee which I'm excited for but I don't know when that's supposed to air. I need to look it up.
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@cindystran Yeah I heard good things about them! I know, I loved Queen In Hyun's Man! I think I might have liked it more than Rooftop Prince because of the chemistry and acting. It was so cute and also broke my heart at the same time. I think I heard that they dated.
haven't seen it yet, I've been waiting for it, so excited
The first episode was great especially KYJ. She's awesome. =) On top of that, the background music is so funky and playful.
I can't wait to watch it! I really have to catch up with a lot of dramas