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I'm back with another challenge :)
Here's how it's gonna go:
- make a collage of your favorite (up to 10) anime characters!
- explain who they are and why they're your favorites in the card
- OR just post the collage up & let people guess who them are!!!
- let's go!

Here's mine!

Can anyone name all 10? (you probably can XD XD XD)


p.s. you can use this site called pixlr (they also have an app) to make a collage very easily!!! Try it out :)
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I know Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayukihime and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail!
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The one girl next to Lucy with Blue hair reminds me of the art style from Nisekoi which I did not watch.
a year ago·Reply
I see Ohta, Ako, Nozomi, Lucy and Emilia. The girl next to lucy is from the new love live but don't know her name. umm..I don't know how to make a collage :/
a year ago·Reply
i just know Lucy from Fairy Tail
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