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We might think a ton of groups are debuting recently, and we're right.

In 2009, 9 groups debuted. This year SO FAR over 111 groups have debuted.

Here are a few you might have missed.

Owen Ovadoz (January 2016)

Bloomy (February 2016)

Grace (February 2016)

APL (February 2016)

Voisper (February 2016)

Matilda (March 2016)

IMGL (April 2016)

Afos (May 2016)

Mixx (May 2016)

Sol-T (May 2016)

O21 (June 2016)

A.DE (June 2016)

Who else do you think didn't get much attention for their debut!?

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wow I didn't know any of these
a year agoReply
i honestly haven't heard of any of these people.
a year agoReply
Holy cow. 111 debuts?!?! Out of this list I'm only familiar with Grace, Voisper, and Afos.
a year agoReply
I love grace! and I've been owen trash way before his official non underground debut he's amazing
a year agoReply
and Matilda
a year agoReply
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