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Alright, usually these videos make me cringe, but this one made me laugh a bit XD
I love that a lot of the people who watched it, and a lot of them seemed like they WANTED to watch it, too! While there are some that don't like the dubbing, but you can see that there are some people that prefer to be able to watch in English, too!

I hope that a few of these people really went and watched AoT, because why not?!

Proof that even your friends who "don't like anime" might actually like it!!!!

Give it a try with a show like this and maybe they'd enjoy it? I think I know a few people who don't like anime that would love Attack on Titan, or a show like ERASED. You can find one for everyone if they'll give it a chance!
Yaaaas to the guy who called out the people who can watch frozen and Lego movie a billion times and can't watch anime becuz they are "cartoons" ❤️
I envy that they're seeing this for the first time. I've run out of anime at the moment so it hurts
If I were there I won't smile unless someone says Levi
I like Ethan's excitement about the show 😂