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The other day, @PrincessIsabel was looking for some recommendations on how to make some anime food, and that got me thinking about anime food....and then this card was created, lol!!

1. Curry Buns!

This is a pretty cool video tutorial on how to make some yuuuuummmyy looking curry buns! Who else wants to try it?

2. Onigiri!

While writing this card, I saw that @LCordz posted a card explaining how to make Onigiri!!! Check out their card on how to make them here!!!!

3. The Curry of Life!

This meal has the power to revive someone, so you better use it wisely :P

4. Kiki's Delivery Service - pumpkin and herring pie

5. K-ON! Azusa Fluffy Choco Cake

Which one will you try to make?

And which one will you feed me? :3
let me tell you, I just fell in love with that family. I must subscribe on YouTube for more. no one around me really likes curry. but I soo will be holding a Japanese house party
I have a card on curry buns too lol
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:( couldnt watch the fluff cake cause i live in america. i love video one's parents lol kawaii!
I've had curry buns before. My step dad made them for me for my birthday. He even added the chocolate
I want to try them all!!馃槏馃槃
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