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Even she's rich, Ge-Ddong's life is so miserable. Has an ugly name, family disobey her, even she can't continue her study. Finally, her parents allow her to study in High School for morons. Is she can change her life after studying in there? ------------------------------------------- I read this manhwa, like I was reading a Cinderella story but the Cinderella is very stupid. Ge-Ddong means shit, garbage and unvaluable (I wonder whose parents in this world gave their children name's shit-_- lol). Like a garbage(?), Ge-Ddong is very strong to fight back her enemies (her sisters and her friends), but sometimes she's very stupid. She is very obident to her sisters even her sisters make a fool of her. And her love's story... SWEAR TO GOD I NEVER EXPECTED IF GE-DDONG WOULD BE DATING .... *censored*. Okay, I admit that I really like Incest. So, I fully support Ge-Ddong with his brother, An Ri. Come on, Incest is full of adventure! (lol) Rating: 6.5/10
Question of The Day "What is your favorite genre of Manga?" Mine: Romance-Comedy of course!