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Yes I know it's really short... I'm sorry :( Ive had a lot on my mind recently so it has been very hard for me trying to focus on my stories.

My Remedy

"Y/N, save me." I should have known something was wrong when Yoongi called me. Sure we had been friends for years, but ever since that argument we had about his girlfriend… I had kept my distance. After how bad it was, I would have thought I would be the last one he wanted to talk to. But now here I am running to him like nothing had changed between us. Like he was still my best friend attached to my hip. I got to his apartment 10 minutes after his call ended. Thankfully the door had been unlocked, so I let myself in. Glass covered the floor, furniture had been over turned, and a stong smell of alcohol filled the air. "Yoongi" I called while trying to move my way around the apartment.


I searched his apartment as fast as I could. I felt a sense of urgency when I heard no reply from him. Living room… no. Kitchen… no. Studio… no. My heart dropped when I made it to the bathroom. The water from the tub was still running, overflowing over the sides of the tub. And there was yoongi… I turned off the water as fast as I could and started draining the water. I pulled Yoongi out from the tub and laid him on the bathroom floor. "Yoongi!" I cried. Tears falling down my face as I began to give him CPR. I couldn’t lose him. I couldn’t lose the boy who had made me smile on my bad days, the boy who always made sure I was okay when I got home from work. The boy I loved with all my heart. After what seemed like centuries had past… Yoongi had found his breath. He laid on the floor sighing in pain. I helped him up into a sitting position and hugged him. I hugged him as if my life depended on it. Which as far as I was concerned, at this moment in time… it did. "Why?" I asked him as I nuzzled my face into the crock of his neck. "Why would you do this?" I cried. *A week later* Yoongi had agreed to get the help he needed.. And I'm glad he did. He opened up… told me things I never thought would have happened. He told me how toxic his girlfriend had truly been to him during their relationship… After everything that had happened, I was still there. I was going to be his rock, his light… his remedy. When silence fills your lungs and chokes out your voice of reason. I'll be there, guiding you through the darkness of your mind. Giving you hope... being "the light at the end of the tunnel."

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This was really good, btw. (:
@MichelleIbarra lol i cant say much... its almost 4am where i am... but you should definitely get some sleep if you have school later. and thanks! 😶😄
ohhhhhhhh that was good! tag me please in anyone fanfic oneshot
that was great! It was short but it had lots of feelings in it.
it was short but I stilled cried😢how man how did you make me cry with only a few paragraphs😭