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I have a new obsession: cosplays that light up!!!! Seriously, even since my friends did the light up cyber cosplays from Love Live a few conventions ago, I've been DYING to get to wear a cosplay that lights up!

Light up Princess Serenity Dress

Done by SeraVera!

The Cyber dresses from Love Live!

Light Up Thor Costume!

Light Up Tardis Costume!

Cosplay by Kirsty!

Light Up Miku Cosplay!

By Vensii

Light up cosplay of Byakuren Hijiri (from Touhou Project)

Light up Rapunzel wig

cosplay by Naneko-chan

Light Up Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill wig!

That's all for now!!!

What kind of cosplay that lights up would you want to make?
nice inspiration. I'm making a sword art online cosplay. I think I'm going to put lights in the player marker :)
I remember watching heroes of cosplay and loving the idea of a light up tron uniform.
That light up tardis console is pretty sweet