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I mean, is there anything else you could possibly ever need?
@YinofYang ...well, im glad to know that its not me but you and your addiction b/c this is how i feel whenever you tune me out, http://www.vingle.net/posts/177119-F-ck-It .....yeah yeah yeah, *jumps on you, tight hug*....i love you too, my nerdy anime, star gazer, gamer, broad gamer, cosplay activist, photographer addict, nerdy weird convention goer and total opposite of me bestie, you are one of a kind and irreplaceable.....not to mention, i must be extra extra special b/c i know how you NEVER allow ppl to touch your knives and swords collection, im blessed to be the very few.....hahahahahahahah!!!!!
@cheerfulcallie Sis, you just don't understand! I have dungeon runs to make for all the sweet, sweet loot that awaits me. Or leveling up my character. Or saving the world! Someone has to save the world! I'm totally not dissing you at all. It's not you. It's me. Lmao!!!
@YinofYang ...hmm...umm...i thought trying to get a guys attn while he's gaming was bad enough but you sis...yeah, YOU, is just as bad but worst!!! your suppose to be my bestie, when i need to talk, lets talk but nope...on several occasions you were too busy gaming with either Matt, James, Paul or Vy....your excuse, "oh its too intense, too immersed, gotta go, sorry sis"...ahhh huh!!! my bestie dissed me for a game....smh...but its okay, i always non-patienlty wait for you until your done....god, i just cant win!!!
Rofl! Ohhh, this cracks me up so much. @cheerfulcallie Now, now. It's not the worst nightmare. XD Video games are fantastic!
@BlackMage ...*sigh*....your girlfriend's worst nightmare....lolz
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