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BTS- Suga Interview
Today's Guest is none other than the Swag Master himself SUGA from BTS! This is for my Unnie @KhrystinaLee Hope you like :)

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Me: Hello Suga, it's so nice to have you here. Would you like to show your love to your fans who are watching you today? Suga: *Gif* Me: Great! Their you have it army's! A kiss from Suga himself ;)
Me: So Suga, a little birdy told me you have 3 ways of hitting your fan's feels. Is that true? Suga: *Gif* Me: Oooo by the looks of that smile on your face, it seems it's true ehhh..Mkay Mkay I see you.
Suga: *smiles & laughs* Oh Man.. Me: You are gonna tell us what they are right?
Suga: I believe the fans will faint if I do Me: Oh come on, I'm sure it's not that bad *smiles and laughs*
Suga: I'm warning you... Me: You may be right on the fans fainting but, I'm positive the fans are curious to see what you got *wiggles eyebrows*
Suga: Okay.. but don't say I didn't warn you.. Me: Oookay Suga, we get the memo. Now please Start..Your fans are waiting *smirks*
Suga: *gif* Me: Okay first we have the yoongi Stare... ookay...This isn't that bad..
Suga: *smiles* The next one will.. Me: Okay... what's next?
Suga: *Gif* Me: Aaaaaa The Hip Thrust and lifting your shirt up.. Mhm I can see a reaction here for the fans. Me: Okay so you gave us the Yoongi Stare and Hip Thrust. What's the last one?
Suga: Ah The last one is the best...*unbuttons shirt* Me: Well Alright then. Let's see it.
Suga: *winks and slides his tongue out* Me: Aaaaaa the wink mixed with the Tongue Technology. Well played Suga, well played. Do you have any last words for your fans that you may have caused a heart attack on? Or feels attack more like it?
Suga: I warned you. Not my fault. *gif*
Well, he did give us all a warning Lol

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Last two hit me badly
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