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Local news agencies report that actress Jung So Min (age 24) has signed on with SM C&C. Director Jung Yong Won of SM C&C commented, “Jung So Min has secured acting skills and looks that are advanced for her age. We paid attention to her passion and potential for acting and we will support her to our best abilities for her growth.” SM C&C is currently home to other top stars such as Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Han Ji Min, Kim Soo Ro, Gong Hyung Jin, Kang Ye Won, Kang Ho Dong, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Byung Man, Lee Soo Geun and Jeon Hyun Moo. Jung So Min debuted in the 2010 SBS drama, “Bad Guy” and appeared many other works such as “Playful Kiss,” “Stand By,” and “Can We Get Married?“
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Wow, so happy for her!!!!!