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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 14 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson, Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Jackson's POV When he woke up and saw her shoot down Changkyun,he was extremely proud of her for finally finishing her revenge but before he could rack up any hopes of her living her life happily, her body dropped to the floor like a dead weight. "Y/N!" both him and Wonho screamed. He couldn't catch her with his broken arm and Wonho had gotten to her by the time she fell. He called her name, "Y/N, Y/N. Come on monbebe. Open your eyes. Y/N please!" Hoseok begged her. He started crying, he lifted up his wrist and bit down on it but when he went to put it to her lips Jackson grabbed his wrist. He looked at him like he was crazy. "Don't." Jackson said quietly. "She'll die." he said. "The amount of blood she'd need to drink to survive her wounds would kill you." "I don't care." He said. He tried to yank his wrist away but Jackson held him firm with his only good arm. "She will. Not mention it'll turn her into a full vampire if you feed her your blood. Y/N would rather be dead then be a full fledged Vampire." Jackson said. "What are you saying?" Wonho asked confused. Jackson began to quickly explain what he meant. Back when Y/N had drank Wonho's blood she noticed her eyes wouldn't turn back and her fangs wouldn't go back in. She wasn't able to will them back, she was stuck in her Vampire form. After a while, she had gained control over it again but she asked Jackson to ask Youngjae to check it out. He had some of her blood samples left at his lab so he ran some tests. What he discovered was that Y/N's half life blood was unique. Youngjae had the theory that when she was first on the brink of death her dormant Vampire cells came to life giving her the ability to be a Vampire but she remained human because not all her human cells transformed. She straddle the line of the living and the dead. Human food kept her human cells functioning while human blood kept her Vampire cells functioning, which is why when she drank blood, she became stronger and faster like that of a Vampire. When Youngjae tested the reaction of Vampire blood with her blood, the Vampire blood not only fused with her Vampire blood cells but her human ones too. It made her more Vampire than human. It was completing the process that was interrupted when she first died. In small doses, it made her stronger but the more she drank the more she turned. She was on the edge of death they both could hear her heart coming close to stopping. "Then give her your blood." he said. Jackson shook his head. "I can't do that either, wolves blood is poisonous to her. We found that out a few years after we first met. I almost killed her." "Then what the Fuck are you suggesting I just let her die." Hoseok yelled. Jackson felt the pang in his heart when he heard the last beat of hers. "She's already dead." He felt like crying, he could feel the tears spilling from his eyes. He rubbed at them, Y/N was really gone? Wonho's POV What Jackson had told him, he didn't even believe was possible. Neither one of them could move fast enough to get her help though. The carnage outside, there was probably no chance of them finding a human for her to drink from. Plus to Jackson's point one human wouldn't be enough. He had heard her heart officially stop. He held her close to him still crying silently. He pressed his lips to hers and then kissed the top of her head. "What a shame?" a female voice came from the door. Hoseok looked up with wet eyes, his eyes widened at the sight of the woman. "Miso." he whispered. "Looks like Changkyun really is dead that's good I thought I'd have to fight myself." she said. "What?" Hoseok blinked. Coming in from behind her was Hyungwon, Kihyun, Jooheon and Minhyuk along with more two more Vampires, Mark and Yoongi's human friends. Namjoon immediately ran over to Yoongi with Jimin. Yoongi's throat wasn't completely healed yet but by now the worst of the pain should've disappeared. Yoongi had less damage so he was healing faster than the rest of them. Still he needed to drink to fix his broken arm and heal his throat. Queen Miso walked over to him and Y/N and knelt down hiking up her dress a bit so she didn't get caught under it. She gently touched Y/N's forehead and Hoseok tensed up. What was she doing? "Hoseok she helped us." Minhyuk said. "Why?" Hoseok said staring at her suspiciously. "I'll let her explain herself. It seems even her little puppy pal didn't know about her plan." she said. She looked up and said, "She needs blood." "She's already dead." Jackson said staring at Y/N's body. "She won't be for long. Is anyone in the room willing to donate?" she mused with a smile. Hoseok didn't like that smile but Mark stepped up, "She can drink mine." Jackson looked up at Mark, "Are you serious?" he asked. "Well I am her descendant, family is still family I guess." Mark said too embarrassed to actually say he liked her. "She'll drink you dry." Hoseok warned. "No she won't, we'll switch out volunteers. She'll drink just enough from each to come back to herself. Any other humans want to help?" "I'll help." Namjoon's deep voice came from behind him. "Me too." Taehyung said. "Me too." Jin said. Jimin was feeding Yoongi to help him recover and Jungkook already had a bandage on his neck. He was probably already bitten. Namjoon had one too but he looked stronger than Jungkook at the moment. "Excellent!" Miso said happily. Miso cut her palm and dripped her blood in Y/N's chest wound. It took a second but they could hear a slowly faint heartbeat kick start. Hoseok looked at Y/N then at Miso as she licked her palm, cleaning off her blood. Mark came down and Miso told him to press his wrist to her fangs. He did as she said, Mark said he could feel her bite get slightly deeper. Miso explained, "Her body recognizes blood and what it does for her. It's just a natural reaction, don't worry." Back to back Miso stopped each one of the boys to switch them out until they all fed her. Hoseok looked at her blood stained lips and the waited. In a moment, he could hear it. Ba dum. Ba dum. And then a sharp gasp escaped her lips. Y/N's POV You felt your heartbeat sharply, causing you to gasp. Your eyes shot open as your body jolted forward. You started to pant holding on to whoever was holding you. It took you a moment but you finally grasped the concept that you were alive again. You were alive? "How?" you said. "It's a trick I learned my blood could do sometime ago, why do you think no one's killed me yet?" you heard her sneaky charming voice behind your head. You let go of Hoseok and straightened up to turn to her. The whole time he told you to move easy and becareful. You looked at Miso annoyed, "What the hell took you so long?" you said. "Y/N." Hoseok said appalled. He didn't realize it yet that you two knew each other already. Miso only laughed, "You didn't tell them we were coming Y/N I'm a little insulted." she said. "Well if I had said something I would've run the risk of Changkyun finding out." You said like it was obvious. She laughed and you turned to Hoseok and Jackson. You smiled at Jackson, "Sorry buddy I didn't mean to scare you like that." "I wasn't scared I knew you and another plan." he said trying to act tough. You laughed and wiped his face from the tears he had cried, "Right."you said. Jackson smiled at you. You turned to Hoseok who was looking you in the eyes lovingly. You gave him a small smile, he kissed you, careful to keep his fangs in. His lips pressing to yours felt different from any other time he had kissed you. You felt freer. Changkyun was dead now, the weight was lifted, you felt lighter against Hoseok's touch. That must've been it. He pulled his lips away but kept his forehead pressed against yours. "I thought I lost you." he whispered. "For a moment there you did, would like to know what heaven looks like?" you said. "Right like you were to heaven." he said. You laughed, "You've got a point there." He kissed you again,then you heard the clearing of a throat. You looked up to see Yoongi standing before you. You all stood up and you hugged Yoongi, you looked to the boys and said, "So you all fed me huh? Thanks I really appreciate it. Looks like now I'm in your debt. As well as yours Miso." you said. "Oh, I like the sound of that Huntress." "Miso was the one to put me on the case to kill Changkyun, considering it was already my goal I had no problem accepting. For years I moved around accessing his work files, his connections to casinos. I was killing his most trusted men and taking out anyone that was a threat to me or Miso in the process. The closer and closer I moved in to kill Changkyun the more I knew I would need her help so I told her I needed her men to show up on JeJu. I would stall as much as possible. Unfortunately I didn't count on getting kidnapped by Shownu so I had to make up for it all by keeping Changkyun focused on torturing me. I really thought I was dead there." You chuckled. "I like that you can laugh about this." Minhyuk said. He came up to give you a hug and you laughed. "I have to admit I didn't think you could actually pull it off. I thought we were all dead." Jooheon said. "I've got skills too Jooheon, I wouldn't have let you all die I like you guys. You kind of grew on me." you said. Hoseok brought you closer to him, "I love you Y/N." be said You laughed and kissed him.


A few years later So Changkyun's property got split up between his progenys and some of it was taken by Miso. Kihyun got all of Changkyun's casinos while Hyungwon kept the bars all except the X clan that one was owned by Hoseok. Minhyuk and Jooheon decided to travel together but every so often Minhyuk strayed on his own to explore. You trained Yoongi and his friends with Jackson and Minwo, the wolf that imprinted on kookie, as professional Hunters. At the end of those two years you made Yoongi their leader. They called their group the Bangtan boys. They still live together in the dorm you and Jackson had. You two decided to stay there in Seoul. You still kept hunting as the Huntress, most of your cases came from Miso. You were never a Hunter for the sport of it but now with Changkyun dead it was all you really had to do. You had been moving around so much the past two years though that you hadn't seen or heard from Hoseok. You hadn't stepped foot in Seoul for so long and now you were finally back. You had just finished up a hunt on your own and headed back to the dorm. Jackson had gone out to chaperone the Bangtan boys' hunting mission. You didn't know when they'd be back but you were enjoying the silence that came with them being gone. Mark had stopped by to visit you though as a request from Jackson. You two were getting along more and after Changkyun had died he had finally accepted the death of his sister. Hoseok had saved his life and helped aid in the death of Changkyun so eventually he forgave him. They apparently did business together sometimes. Hoseok would call in a favor when he needed a Hunter and Mark would always show up. You were proud of Mark for moving on. Right now he was coming back down the stairs of the dorm and said, "Man Jackson is so messy. Have you seen his room?" You laughed, "Yeah I think he's just used to being spoiled though, I always end up cleaning it for him." "Just like you Hunt for him." Mark laughed. "Yeah but that's really for my own benefit chasing animals to feed his wolf keeps me training my speed." "What about your seven sons? Jackson appa is away watching them who knows what's going to happen to them?" he joked. "Yeah well Minwo is with them, you know anywhere Kookie goes he's there so I think they'll be fine. Besides Yoongi is an excellent leader and he keeps his family safe. As long as he doesn't go eating them, I could careless what happens on their mission." Mark just shook his head at you knowing it was a lie. You did care what happened to them. You had really started treating them like your sons. When you all met up, they would suggest you pay for their meals and you'd do it. You lectured them when they did something stupid and you praised them in your own special way when they did something good. They had turned you into a mother. You looked at the bracelet on your wrist and sighed. A bit of Changkyun's ashes were encased in one of the beads on the necklace. Wonho had Shownu's wedding ring on a necklace that he wore. Both of you held onto pieces of the people that hurt you but not for the reasons anyone would understand. No matter how much you hated him in your second life in your first one you loved him truly, you would've had his child, he was your husband. That part of him is what you were holding onto. The part of Shownu Hoseok held onto was the one that had loved his wife when he was human. The one that loved him and took care of him as the youngest of the brothers. No matter what, that didn't change; they were brothers and he couldn't let that go, you wouldn't ask him to. You twirled the ring he gave you around your finger. Not once had you said you loved him in the few years you had been together. It was always 'I like you' or 'I don't feel the immediate urge to kill you' or even 'your an idiot'. He gave you the ring as a promise that no matter where you were or how long you were apart you were his and he was yours. Vampires could love forever, when they said forever they meant it and Hoseok meant it. You just were never ready to say it to him. After all, you didn't fall in love as fast as Vampires did. "Have you seen him yet?" Mark asked. "No not yet." you said "Maybe you should." "He's probably busy." you yawned. "He'd make time for you, you know that. He misses you. You should go see him." He said standing up. You weren't avoiding him or anything but you also didn't feel like getting up from the couch. You had just come from hunting you were tired. Still you hadn't seen him in two years. You groaned and got up and changed you put the dress you wore the first day you two met. You made your way to the bar and walked in. All the vampires in the room catching your scent and paying attention to you. You walked in and a few of them came up to you wanting a taste. They all stayed back though, Hoseok's scent was on you. He still had his claim attached to you. You walked to the back and there were two guards at the door. He really did upgrade. "Let a lady in would you?" you said. "King Wonho has asked not to see anyone today." one guard said. For helping you kill Changkyun, Queen Miso granted Hoseok ownership over all of Changkyun's territory. He was the knew King and he'd done a great job at it. "I'm sure he wants to see me. Take a sniff boys I belong to him. Now, get out of my way before he has to find himself two new guards." you smiled. They looked at you and then at each other. They noticed the scent and opened the door. You walked in and saw Hoseok's head laying on the desk. "I thought I told you I didn't want to see anyone." he mumbled. "Well then maybe I should've just stayed at home and not have wasted my time?" you chuckled. Hoseok's head popped up and he looked at you stunned. You smiled at him, "Hey there stranger." you said. He stood up and made his way over to you slowly. He was so surprised to see you. He raked his hand through your hair and pulled you into his arms so he could kiss you. His lips were soft against yours. He placed his hand under your dress until he found your underwear and tugged at the trim. You laughed against his lips. "You don't waste time do you?" you said. "It's been two years I've missed you so much monbebe. You know you'll have to be punished though." he said. "Why's that?" you mused. "For leaving," he smacked your butt. "for not calling" another smack. "for not visiting, for not announcing yourself, and for wearing a dress in the bar when I specifically told you the first night we met they allowed too much access." "Now who would dare touch the King's claim?" you teased. "Bite your tongue." You laughed and then kissed him, "I love you." you said against his lips. He pulled back surprised you actually said it. You let your hands slide down his shoulders to his chest and you held his necklace in your hand with the same hand that had the bracelet with Changkyun's ashes in it. You shrugged, "I guess I admit it." He smiled at you, his eyes had turned icy blue and in turn yours glowed purple. You leaned in to kiss him again, longer softer, every bit of you missing him just as much as he did. His hand gripped your butt lifting you up off the ground and making you wrap your legs around his waist. You separated from his lips and said, "Hoseok- I missed you." "I missed you too Y/N. Never leave me for that long again monbebe." he said bringing his lips to your collar bone. "No promises." He bit down on you taking in your blood and you let out an excited gasp. "Then allow me to give you a punishment that'll make sure you never leave again." he said. "Give me your worst." you laughed. The next few hours were spent with him making you moan, scream, scratch and beg for his body. Having him again and realizing how much your really did miss him, you really did love him, you never wanted to stay away from him that long ever again.....
Great ending glad they both lived..
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