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Your Perspective Pairing: reader x ??? Warning: mature content, suggestive
August 22nd Yesterday, Kookie and I couldn't stop texting each other, mostly before I did an interview and performance. ~Kook: you busy tomorrow?~ ~Me: I am in the morning and afternoon but the evening looks good why?~ ~Kook: well if you're doing another performance then I'll come support you again~ ~Me: cheers Kookie. My stage is at 7:20.~ ~Kook: when do you have to be there for?~ ~Me: 6~ ~Kook: I'll escort you there then~ ~Me: you don't have to~ ~Kook: well no but I will anyway~ So he did. Today, I was performing on Inkaygo. For some reason, they had to delay the normal Sunday schedule and so the show was today instead of yesterday.
I was still performing 'Legit' but soon I'd be doing the next lead track 'Forevermore'. Compared to the first single's dance track vibes, the second single was more calm and emotional. I'd already prepared the dance as it was quite slow and I was provided a dance partner for the performances. Of course the single itself was just me singing whereas the special version of the track was done with Woozi oppa. He helped me write the song and so it was only fair that he was featured on it as well. So, Woozi was my dance partner for the performance. Anyway, this would be where I found out if I had won out of this week's top three songs. I had just completed the warm-up and come off stage to see a happy Jungkook waiting for me with a bottle of water.
"Looks like you're trying to steal Travis' job" I joked. He smirked lightly. "He's only just arrived, so have the rest of your team. I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt." "What did you think anyway?" "Great. You just need to perform with that level of enthusiasm and I don't see any problems" The actual performance came around and I was shaking like anything backstage. Jungkook was giving me a pep-talk. "Look out to your fans, smile and just have fun" were his words of wisdom. I gave him no warning as my arms wrapped around him as tightly as possible. His warmth made me feel less nervous, it was amazing. "Thanks Kookie" was the last thing I said before heading out.
So... Guess who won this weekend? I DID!!! Legit came number one and I was immensely proud. I congratulated my team and vice versa. Even in the dressing room, I was still smiling my head off. It was the point where I was about to change so that we could celebrate when Jungkook walked in. "Hey congrats" "Oh cheers Kookie, I'll be out in a min" He didn't move out, in fact, he only came closer to me. "Kookie, Aren't you going to wait outside? I need to change." He shook his head, "Don't worry Y/N, I'll help you" What? The seconds went by so slowly as his hands rested on my hips and slowly rode up my shirt as he pulled part of it out and let go. The fabric flicked back against my skin and I could barely move.
No. Not him as well. I can't. All of Bangtan. Fucking all of BTS have been on my case at one point or another. Jungkook was the only one condemning half of those relationships, is this why? He liked me all that time? I couldn't even voice half of these questions as I was still kinda on a high from the Inkaygo win. I was about to speak when his lips smashed against mine. It was a good feeling, I'm not going to lie. It wasn't too pressured or too desperate it was perfect. Soon, his lips trailed down my naked skin and I became extremely glad that we had agreed to lock the changing room door. There was just one major thing that has me glued to the spot.
"Kook, we shouldn't be doing this" "Why not?" "Multiple reasons" "Well just don't think about them right now ok? It'll only be quick" It took a while for me to admit the actual truth to him. "Kookie, you're just a quick fuck, that's it right?" He dug his hands more into my thighs at my words. Maybe he didn't want to hear it, maybe he knew it was partly true. "Just a quick fuck to get over Yoongi and Jimin yeah?" I asked again. It was only once we were laid next to each other, still panting, that he answered my questions. "I don't want to be just a quick fuck Y/N"
What?? My silence beckoned him to carry on. "I love you" "Since when?" Finally, I had the courage to ask. "A long time, I dunno. I've liked you for a while but only admitted to it to other people recently" "Who else knows?" "Taehyung and Jimin" "Jimin?!" "Yeah, he knew when you were dating" "And... You were cool with that?!" "You chose him, nothing I could do about it really" Saddest thing I'd ever heard from him. My instinct took over then and I ended up kissing him again. It was shorter than the others but it meant more to both of us.