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-Previously on Exo Next Door 2- Turning there heads the see D.O standing there fully clothed his arm crossed across his chest. ______face blushed even harder as she locked eyes with D.O. "Getting along i see.." -Present time- "T-this is not what it looks like!" _____ squeaks cutely, making both Chanyeol and D.O melt internally. "So you just happened to fall on top of her?" D.O asks, leaning against the door frame. His words were directed at a glaring Chanyeol. ________ jumps off of him noting the tension in the room. Chanyeol gets up after her brushing off his sweater of dust and dirt. "Its not like I have other intensions. It was an accident" Chanyeol says confidently, challenging D.O, who doesn't back down. "Uhh....well" ________ stutters wanting to desperately get rid of the awkward atmosphere. Just then they hear the door from down stairs opening and Beakhyun squealing "YeonHee!!!" As in on instinct _______dashes down stairs leaving the duo. She makes it to the end of the flight of stairs, catching sight of her best friend whom she embraces. "_______? Ya already came!!.....wait whats wrong?" YeonHee questions and lets go of the embrace and setting the bags on the table as Sehun, Kai and Beakhyun surround the table for gossip and food. Suho simply feel asleep on the couch. "Ahhh nothing....whatcha got there?" ______ asks nervously scratching her neck as Chanyeol walks down the stairs with no sign of D.O. "Oh i just bought a few cleaning supplies, sorry boys no food. Suho already stacked up remember" YeonHee says eyeing the guys who pout. "Ahh i see, anything i can help you with today?" ______ asks hopeful as Chanyeol goes into the fridge grabbing a water bottle. "Well......not really since i did a lot in advance...but i was wondering if you wanted to show me the songs you've written?" YeonHee suggests, the three guys perk up in interest as _______ smiles wide. "Omg are you sure?!" She asks in disbelief. "Hey i wanna see too!!" Beakhyun says loudly, addressing his presence. Sehun roughly nudges him as he coughs. "I meant we want to hear it! I mean after all we are si-" Kai quickly covers Beakhyun's mouth, as he finishes for him. "We do love singing, so we know a few things here and there" he says sweat dropping leaving a confused yet happy ______. "Sounds great! Ive always wanted an audience! But i need a guitar....lemme come right back, i'll grab mine from home" ______ says hopping down the stool. "Nonsense, I'm sure Chanyeol will let you use his!" YeonHee says making Chanyeol shut the fridge door loudly. ________ frowns, last time she was able to play with his guitar and now its a problem? The nerve of the guy pissed her off. "Right Chanyeol?" YeonHee says looking at the male who had his back facing them. "Fine, i just finished cleaning Mitilda earlier.....be extra careful" he says gruffly as he leaves them to the safety of his room. "Whats wrong with him?" Sehun asks as everyone shrugs in confusion. ______ looks down pouting ever so slightly. "What are you doing! Go get his guitar! We'll be waiting for ya here!" YeonHee encourages as _________ visibly gulps in fear. She didn't want to step foot into his room! But she desperately wanted to perform in front of them to receive constructive criticism. Sighing and letting her shoulders drop she walks up the stairs dragging her feet to Chanyeol's room. Sluggishly and slowly she knocks softly. Chanyeol opens it and allows her space in without uttering a word. Instead his gaze was solely on her making her feel self conscious. He gestures to the guitar, Mitilda at the corner if the room as she bows and walks to it picking the beautiful instrument in her arms. She turns around to see Chanyeol looking at her with an unreadable expression. He was also blocking her path. Chanyeol opened his mouth a few times before closing it unable to find the correct words. Finally he gives up and decided to go with his heart. "Uh.....sorry for earlier and sorry.....for being kinda grumpy? Er....i don't really have an explanation and i don't want to find an excuse for my poor behaviour but to be completely honest I'm sad over the fact Suho Hyung wouldn't go over my new song..." He replies. Well half of the reason was true. He was more upset about the fact ______ got along with everyone else more then she did with him. But of course he wouldn't tell her that. _______'s eyes widen in shock and surprise. "Oh! Its no problem Chanyeol. Im glad you told me! And if you don't mind.....i can stay late to listen to your song....t-that is if you want me to!" _______ says a blush creeping up to her cheeks. Chanyeol stared at her flabbergasted. He couldn't believe what left her beautiful lips! He couldn't even think straight as her plump lips were all her could think about. He realized he didn't give her an answer when he saw her fidget slightly where she stood. "YES! I mean that would be great _____" he says smiling wide, ______ blushed when he said her name. It sounded wonderful coming from his mouth. "I look forward to it Yeollie" she says, the nickname slipping accidentally . Not wanting to address her mistake she quickly bows and bolts out of the leaving a shocked and happy Chanyeol . 'Yeollie, huh?....she is too cute'. ________ quickly runs down the stair case flustered at the memory of her calling her Oppa 'Yeollie' she heard YeonHee mummer it over at there sleepover and it totally stuck! Now he must be mad at her again!!! Arghhh, just wen she finally made a peaceful truce with him she had to mess up! Just as she almost reaches the end of the stairs she stops to hear Beakhyun, Sehun, Kai and YeonHee whispers about something she didn't quiet understand. "How long do you intend on not telling her?! It would crush her when she finds out the truth!" YeonHee whisper yells. What the hell were they talking about?! 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