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Genre: Angst, Romance, Angels, Fallen Angels, Supernatural, Demons, Vampires. Pairings: 🤔🤔 Summary: Demons thrive on life energy and fear, Vampires thrive on blood. Two beings coexist , but should never meet. Chapter: Four A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Monster. Since I love OT12, imma included Lutaoris. It may get a bit mature and loads of swearing. Enjoy! _____________________________________ "Whats going on" Isabella asks shakily. Thea had already realized they were no ordinary human. There were soulless vampires. Her heart shank at the thought of being their next meal, she was more worried about her clueless friend. "Stop pretending you don't know anything" Lay hisses. Isabella began shaking as Thea held on to her. Lays fierce cold eyes wavered at the sight of Isabella in fear, deep down he felt warmth under her presence. Could it be that he was still in love? At this point he had to ignore it, but he still didnt loose his intense posture. "Listen i don't know whats going on, so were just going to leave" Thea says in a harsh tone beginning to grab the knob as Kris puts his hand out and slamming it against the door trapping her. "Your not going anywhere Princess" he says taking a deep breath of her scent. He nearly swooned at how.....heavenly her scent was. It was simply intoxicating. "Ahhh the scent of a pure fallen angel is wonderful....something you don't see often" he says purring. Thea visibly gulped, she couldn't understand how her scent was still recognizable. It was been a while since she became....well human! The scent should have worn off by now! Her 'sinning' caused her angelic glow to leave her....the only explanation to why the scent could be still present was that, she had some purity in her. "Thea what is he talking about?!" Isabella demands fearful. "I dont know!" Thea says keeping her ground. She bravely looks into Kris's eyes showing she wasn't scared but deep down she knew this wouldn't end well. "Kris hurry. Im getting thirsty" Lay groans eyeing Thea's neck. At this point he had lost his sanity and all his eyes focused on was her flesh, her blood....her. "Of course" Kris mummers leaning into Thea's neck as she holds in her breath. So much for living a normal life! She closes her eyes praying Isabella would run away as they were busy with her. At least the thought of her friend surviving was enough to satisfy her. Just as he is about to make contact with her neck there is a loud crashing sound , the window shattering in a million small pieces as two figures tumble into the room. The aura that came off made Thea fall to her knees screaming. She knew what those two men were and she had to get out of there. Kris looses his grip on her as he is pushed into the wall. Lay gets into action kicking one of the shorter males as the tall one emits fire from his plam. Thea screams uncontrollably her body shaking vioently as a response to the aura the two unknown males gave off. Isabella jumps into action rushing to Thea's side as the four males square off. Thea tries to gain control over her spaziming body but to no avail. Isabella grabs her phone dialling the police as she clutches into Thea's trembling hands. "I-its going to be alright Th- yes? Officer i need the police!" Isabella trails off talking furiously into the phone. Thea looks at the males, the two vampires, Kris and Lay. Were hissing as the slowly back into the wall. Clearly they were hurt. The 'other' two just cornered them as the shorter one lets out a menacingly sick filled laugh into the air. It almost froze the air itself as his laugh rang out. "I wouldn't do that love" he says smoothy. Thea continued looking in confusion. Isabella froze realizing the shorter male had addressed her. All of a sudden the phone she was holding went hot and flames erupted. Screeching in pain Isabella drops the phone her palm burning with pain as she clutches it weeping. The taller male lets out a deep throaty chuckle, their eyes still focused on Kris and Lay, their backs still facing the girls. Thea seemed to have regained minimal control over her body, the pain and the twisting in her stomach still evident. She leans against the door squeezing on Isabella's good hand as a sign of reassurance, reassurance she wasn't sure of. Slowly, wanting to take their the time, the shorter male turns around. He was short (compared to the other male) but that didn't mean he lacked muscle. He was well fit. His claws were long and his human disguise was on the dot of a perfect human being with beautiful black hair and thick lips shaped like a heart in a way. But his eyes...his eyes made Thea's blood run cold. They stared down at her weak form in amusement and hunger. They were crimson red with speckles of black, totally different from a vampires eyes. He seemed to asses Thea as she took deep breaths in to clam herself down. She knew what he was and she knew what she wanted. She knew they were the very thing humans fear, the very thing Angels fear. He was the spawn of the devil. He was a demon. "My, my. I cant believe what I'm seeing.....Chanyeol, you have to see for your self" the shorter one mummers as 'Chanyeol' puts a fire ring around the two vampires before turning around as well. He was taller, with red fiery hair. He had a rather large adams apple and again looked gorgeous as a human. He looked beautiful, his face showed innocence. His jaw was beautifully structured. But like the other one he was too, a demon. "Suho was right.....I cant believe it! Hahah this is great!!! But bruh this is getting boring Kyungsoo, lets take her kill the rest and get outta here" Chanyeol says his eyes boring into Thea. Isabella whimpered in fear making the guys chuckle. They loved the sight or fear, and loved to see others cower under there stare. "Sure, you deal with the leach filth. I got them" Kyungsoo says walking slyly to the girls. Thea clenched her teeth roughly. It was now or never. She had to get out of here, with all the energy she had left. She looks to Isabella who had her eyes shut, afraid of whats to come. "Im sorry" Thea whispers, just as Isabella opens her eyes to question her best friend the unbelievable happens. Thea springs up and kicks Kyungsoo in the stomach with great force sending him crashing through the wall near Chanyeol who spins around his jaw clenched in fury. Within seconds her shirt ripped open her wings springing free. With great force, she threw Chanyeol out of the way with her wing and grabs ahold of a stunned Isabella. "Hold on" and before Chanyeol can light her up with his fire, Thea vanishes into the night sky. Tags: @JarvieaKlipka @sung1rl199674h @SweetDuella @mrsax2018
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Great chapter!!! I was having a fan girl moment when she made the great escape with her friend flying away into the night sky!!!!