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The night leading after the vampire meeting, Kris was on high alert. He made sure Krystal rarely left the house and made sure if she did that Lay was always by her side to heal her and the baby. He also made sure that patrol was held out in duos and not alone. And the most impirtant change was he kept Areum locked in her room. She didn't argue for she was afraid they would find out she was in the meeting. Luckily the guys didnt figure out that she had witnessed the enire meeting, but they wanted their prector safe. Today they were having a bonfire, the lighten the mood. Mainly so Kris can lighten up a bit. Areum gallops down the stairs gald to be able to leave the house, even if her destination was the backyard. Everyone was already there, Kris had his arms securely wrapped around Krystal who held a mug of hot chocolate. Everyone else was scattered around, only leaving one seat available. Beside the tired looking Lay. Areum smiles wide and skipped to his side, nuzzling up to him to show her affection and brotherly love. Lay lets out a tired smile before looking back at the fire that flicked. "Are you ok?" Areum asks nudging the blank faced male. "Yea....just really tired. Being the only healer is sure a pain!" He says smiling enough to show his dimples. Areum nodded feeling for the male. Just then Kris clears this throat gaining everyones attention. Areum took this opportunity to look at her pack mates. She noticed how Chen and Lay's eyes seem lost and disoriented. Probabaly since Kris went under a lockdown he didnt even let them see their mates! "Its been....a week since the meeting. And since i dont see anything alarming.....i suggest that we go back to our routine. Im sorry lay, chen for depriving you of your time with your mates. Xuimin I'm sorry for not allowing you to have fun and tao im sorry for not letting you shop, and Luhan and Aruem I'm sorry for not letting you guys.., uh do whatever you guys like to do. The truth is i was so worried and afraid that something might happen to anyone of you guys.....seeing that there isnt a threat now i want to go back to normal" everyones eyes lit up as Kris finished his spoech. Krystal began clapping like a seal, she was so happy that Lay wouldn't be forced to follow her around like a lost puppy. She felt sorry for the male, he had to even escort her to the bathroom! "Awesome!!! Thats awesomeeeeee" Tao cheers delightfully, he couldnt wait to get his hands on more Gucci products! "Yea yea, settle down. Now chen has a story. Its about our ancestors" kris says as all eyes turn to Chen. He takes a deep breath before starting the tale. Everyone was engrossed in the story except Kris. Krystal notcied as peered up to her husband. "Kris....honey whats wrong?" She asks concerned. "It's just.....something feels wrong" he says quietly. He didnt know what which only drove him mad. "Im sure they'll be alright Kris" she says glancing at the pack. They were strong and independent, kris knew they could hold their ground if the needed too. "I know babe.....i know" he whispers looking at his pack. ~ The Vampire Mansion ~ Beakhyun paces around the room and Suho watches him in boredom. "Suho when is he gonna get here!" Beakhyun asks his voice shaking the study. He has been inpatient. Sehun has been gone for a few days and Kai hasent come back yet either. "Dont worry Beakhyun, they'll be here" he says assuringly before go to his room shutting it. Chanyeol walks into the room with a fire ball resting in his plam. Beakhyun huffed annoyed with how he was showing off his power. Just then Kai appears into the room grinning from ear to ear. Chanyeol ignores him and went straight for the practice room. He wasn't to worried about not hearing what Kai had to say. Vampire hearing is very good no matter where you are. "What is it? Better be good, I'm running out of patience" Beakhyun hisses. Kai grined wider if it were possible and plops on the couch swinging his legs on the tea table. "Well, i heard.... That the alpha has decided to clam down a bit. Bascially they are taking a break. Its a perfect opportunity to kidnap her" he states. Beakhyun grins a sickenly grun. This was his chance. He knew everyone else heard, beacuse Kyungsoo was making his way diwn stairs and Chanyeol was coming back to the study. "It settles in then, before dawn we strike" he orders. He knew it wasn't his place to order them around but he couldnt help it. His thirst for revenge was to great. Chanyeol walks back in and sits next to Kai , his face representing utter boredom. As Beakhyun opens his mouth he hears the front door open, Sehun's scent fills the house. At this Suho rushes back into the room as Sehun walks in, holding two large coolers. "Right on time, any later and I'd have your head" Beakhyun growls grabbing one cooler and opening it to see the beautiful blood bags, even through the bags they smelt delicious. All grab for a bag each drinking greedily, Kyungsoo walks in his nose deep in a book. At the scent of blood he looks up and rolls his eyes. He hated how all of them acted like complete animals when blood was being served. "C'mon hyung, get one while its still good!" Kai cheers going for seconds already. Kyungsoo settles for the smallest bag her could find. He could survive on little to no blood, unlike the others. He sets his book down patiently waiting for them to finsih up so he could ask them a question he had been dying to ask. All lean against the couches, stomachs full. There red eyes gleaming, like the colour of blood. The reason Beakhyun was so worked up on Sehun bringing the blood so quickly was, he wanted everyone as strong as they can be the night if the raid. Blood makes vampires stromger, exprcially human blood. Kyungsoo clears his throat as everyone turns to him in question. He neatly places his finished bag on the counter and retrieves the book. "I just have a question. You know the 'protecttor' that we've been.....smelling? I just wanted to know how she smells to all of you" he asks under the intese stare of the group. He mimics their stares equally as harsh. "She smells like a dusgusting mutt" Suho says getting up and straightening his clothing. He simply walks out not even looking back. Kyungsoo nods approvingly. He notices how the rest had questiable looks on their faces. "And you guys?" He asks curious. "Well, like i said before, she smells sweet. Like bubble tea" Sehun says liking his answer. "What? Whats wrong with your nose man! She smells like nature and innocence. And a little bit of a pet store. Its a nice scent" Kai adds making Beakhyun and Chanyeol roll their eyes. "No man, she smells like you know those nice perfumes? That smells good? Yea like that" Beakhyun says. Chanyeol makes eye contact with Kyungsoo who was speechless at this point. Chanyeol quirked an eyebrow but still answered the question. "She smells pure and simple to me. And with a hint of sweetness but danger as well" he says slightly smiling. Kyungsoo held back the lump in his throat and gets up. "Please excuse me" he says rushing out and up to his room leaving the rest confused. As Kyungsoo reaches his room he closes it and sits on his bed dropping the book to the ground. As he droped it , it opened up to the page of the chaper he had been reading. He glances at it one more time: The 'protector' of the pack cannot have a mate. She/He must be sought out, by one who has been mated to her/him by fate. This is when the very scent of the 'protector' is one of something the other is fond of. Which ignites the attraction. Kyungsoo felt sick to his stomach. To him her scent was vanilla and cinnamon. Alomst like a bakery which he vividly remembers to be the scent he adored as a human. He at first thought it was only him smelling what he was fond of when he searched for her, Suho proved it buy telling him she smelled like mutt to him. But he was supprised when the rest described what they loved when they were human when smelling her. 'There is no way....she cant have 5 guys mate on her right? The book didn't say anything about that! It must be some sort of mistake' Kyungsoo kept repeating inside his head. Just then Kai appears into his room giving him a look. Kyungsoo ignored him and lays down on his bed groaning. Kai looks down at the book and picks it up reading the contents as his eyes widen. "Is....is this what startled you?" Kai asks, the silence answering his question. "It doesnt make sense kai" Kyungsoo mummers. "Well.... Suho smelled mutt cuz he does have a mate... We smelled different cuz we didnt find our mate...what do you think about that?" Kai asks taking a seat across form Kyungsoo, on a chair still grasping the book. "I dont kai. All of us cant be bonded to her. Its impossible! The book must be wrong or fucked up" Kyungsoo says running his hands thorugh his hair. Kai sighs out and looks at Kyungsoo before opeing his mouth . "I dont know about you Hyung, but if what the book says is true, and the maybe its possible for all of us to be...bonded to her, that only means one thing. We can't bring her here for Torture....we have to kill her right away" Tags: @DestinyXiong @Orihemay @KathyCrew @Eliortiz13 @AaliyahNewbell @Izzy987 @JessicaFigueroa @Jinnyrod3