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I'd probably look like this
My steps. I don't have a stylus anymore so I just use my finger and I do A LOT of zooming in and out 😑 I need a new stylus!!
☝that's what I look like IRL. yes I'm a girl. I know my username seems like I'm a dude but I'm not lol. I didn't draw my face. I pretty much traced it because I can't draw real people!! I can only draw anime/manga style and I'm not that great at that either lol
pretty cool:D it's also cool that you included the step by step sketches.
Thanks! I like to show my steps when I can :)
wow thats awesome salsita😄
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you got artistical talento, im impressed 😂😂
Cool , it's nice to finally know that your a girl and not a guy! and well done pictures @LCordz