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Ashley's View

~Flashback~ Jay and I were walking to the next store only for something to stop me in place.A magazine with Simon on the cover.He is everywhere now.I couldn't help but pick it up touching his picture. "Your heart can't let him go.Can it?"Jay asked noticing. " Nope." "Well Imma tell you something.O fell like you should know." "What is it?"I asked still looking at the magazine. "You know he still loves you." "How you know?"I asked not believing a word he just said. "Trust me.We had a long talk.Boy loves you.He just being hard headed."He said wrapping an arm around my shoulders. ~End Of Flashback~ That whole conversation has been running through my head.I'm here looking at Simon's stupid invitation drink wine. Ugh! I thought Jay was right. ~Simon and I's talk~ I walked into the coffee shop seeing Simon.I say down across from him saying hi. "How are you doing?"He asked seeming like he actually cares. "I'm doing pretty good.And you?" "Good.You know stressing over this wedding stuff." "Seems like it would be.So you wanted to talk about this toxic situation." "Yeah.I do.Our last argument left off in a bad place." "You know why.You blamed me for the break up.Why?" "I didn't want to keep thinking I ended us so I pushed it in you.Look I didn't think it would go this far.That day when I looked into your chocolate brown eyes I saw you more broken then ever." Is Jay right about his feelings?? "You noticed?"I asked. "Yes.I did. I don't want this to go on between us being toxic to each other.I want us to be friends and invite you to the wedding." Hold up! This all he has to say. He even invited me to the wedding. Hell nah! "What do you say?"Simon asked. "I can't." "How come?" "Everything that happened.I was hurt really bad and the crazy thing is I might actually still be in love with you.I can't sit there during the wedding acting like I'm happy for you.Let's just go our separate ways.It's for the best." Simon just nodded and we gave each other one last hug and good bye. ~End~ Yeah right he still loves me. I should be the one wearing a white dress walking down the aisle and meeting eye to eye with Simon.I should be the one saying I do and kissing his soft lips. "What a fucking joke."I said to myself finishing my glass of wine and throwing it against the wall.
"Cheers to a happy life!"Gray yelled raising his shot glass in the air. "Cheers!"Everyone else yelled also raising their glasses. I took my shot and headed outside sitting at a table to think. "So Hyung. You ready for tomorrow?"Jay asked sitting next to me. "I honestly don't know how I feel." "What do you mean?" "Part of me wants to get married to Mel and the other is telling me I'm not in love with her." "Answer this.What were your intentions anyway?" "I don't know...I don't know Jay.I didn't want any of this to happen.I wanted to be with Ashley and I still want to be, but she is with Flow now.I know I fucked up and it's too late.I guess I'll just marry Mel." "If that's what you really want to do.Remember you have until the morning to really decide." Jay left it at that and headed back inside.I'll just head home and get some sleep. ~Later That Night~ I was rushing down hallways passing nurses and rooms.Where is she?!? I began to panic since I couldn't find her.I ran towards the ER seeing Jay. "Where is she?"I asked rushing over. "I don't know.I was just told to come to the ER." I was getting frustrated not knowing what's going on.I ran up to the desk asking or her but they have no name." "Simon!" I turned around seeing Jay looking towards the entrance.I see them rushing someone in on a gurney going right pass me.I took a close look and it's Ashley. She was unconscious with blood everywhere. "Ashley.Ashley!" I kept yelling to see if she would wake up by hearing my voice but no response.I wanted to to hold onto her but they wouldn't let me get close as they held me back as they took her through the doors.
I woke up in a cold sweat breathing heavily looking over searching for Ashley only to see Mel instead fast asleep. I quietly got out of bed grabbing my lyric notebook and headed out to the balcony sitting at the table.I opened my notebook having pictures fall out.I picked them up and couldn't help but smile seeing her face.I remember this one from a music festival I performed at in Busan.She actually surprised me backstage.I didn't think she could make it since she had work.I was so happy to see her.Then this one was from another festival.We were walking around and a guy was taking pictures so why not.Ashley kept complaining that she hated her outfit,but I thought she looked fine.She my super lady.Well was.I reached into my joggers pulling out Ashley's promise ring I gave her. I actually take this everywhere.No one really knows but tomorrow I'll have to detach myself from all these memories.I still love her.
I felt the sunlight hitting my face causing me to wake up.I slowly started sitting up realizing I fell asleep on the couch still holding the invitation. "So I wasn't dreaming. I did hear glass shatter last night." Reis said walking into the living room. "Next time I won't drink and think at the same time."I said tossing the invitation. "Hey.Don't throw that."Reis said picking it up. "You're right.I should burn it."I said reaching for the invitation. "No you ain't."Reis said putting it behind he back. "Fine." "What were you thinking about anyways to throw a glass at the wall?" "I was thinking about what Jay told me and I believe his stupid words." "What do you mean you believed his words?"Reis asked sitting next to me. "He told me Simon still loved me.Simon called me up to talk and so I thought he was just going to say I love you.Nope.Instead he asked we can be friends and invited me to the stupid wedding."I said trying not to get upset. "I don't think Jay would lie to you. Simon is probably being stupid." "Maybe.Shouldn't you be getting ready?" "Oh you right.Just eat something and relax." "I'll try."
"Yo Simon. You ready yet?"Gray asked. "Almost."I said searching my closet for my tie. "Alright.We'll be in the car."Jay said. "Ok." I quickly found my tie and headed out of the room.I walked down to the car and see Jay coming towards me. "Simon.I need to tell you something."Jay said rushing to me. "Jay.There's no time.Incant be late."I said walking passed him getting into the car. "Simon." "We gotta go." "Alright." Jay got into the car and we were off to the wedding venue.I turned on the radio to ease my mind and the song caught my attention.It basically tells all about Ashley and I's relationship.What is going on.I dream about her and know this song.
I began cleaning up the glass then M walks in. "I can see someone had a good night."I said. "Girl you know it.I see someone had a night."She said noticing the broken glass. "I just got mad,but I'm fine now." "That's good.Imma go take a shower." "Alright." I finished cleaning up and made myself some coffee sitting down watching tv. "How do I look?"Reis asked coming out. "Girl you look hot.Duck won't keep his hands off you." "Of course he won't." "Oh damn.Mamacita!"M came in getting our attention. Knock knock. "Oh Duckie is here."Reis said getting excited. "Get the door."M said smiling. "You ladies going to be alright here?" "Of course.Ashley got her coffee and I had a shower.Girls day." "Bring me some cake."I said. "You really want cake from that wedding?"Marricke asked. "It's free.So yes I do." "Free cake it is.See you ladies tonight." "Have fun." Reis left with Duck while we chilled in the living room. "Now tell me what happened last night." "Simple.I thought Jay lied to me about Simons feelings and I throw my wine glass across at the wall." "Jay is hella close to you.Why would you think he'd lie?" "Simon doesn't love me anymore.Jay said he still loves me.No he wanted to invite me to the wedding and be friends.I can't be friends with someone I love and can't have.Why would Jay say that?"I asked putting down my coffee. "He would tell you that because it's true." "If it's true should I do something." "Honestly if you really love him I say get your man back." "You know what.You right. Let me change." "You look fine.Lets go." Marricke and I quickly put on our shoes and headed to her car.We began driving towards the venue and I'm so nervous.I have no idea how to stop a wedding.Wait what if I get rejected by him.What if he doesn't really love me.I will kill Jay if he lied. "MARRICKE LOOK OUT!"I yelled seeing a car coming straight at us.
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