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Hey Fam!
I'm back with the next chapter of our KCON LA story. To catch up on the journey this far, check out these cards:
And now, onto DAY 2 of our wacky and awesome adventure.
@LemonLassie and I were not prepared to wake up at 6:30am after getting to bed at 2am the night before... we really weren't prepared. We were supposed to pick up @twistedPuppy and @Stephany123 at 7:15, on our way to KCON... but we may have been a little late.
When we finally arrived at KCON, we had to get in the line for check in. WORD TO THE WISE- If at all possible, attend early check in as the lines are SUPER LONG! We were fortunate to have P2 tickets because P1 and P2 had a separate (shorter) line. P3-P5 were lumped together in one very, very long line. The line behind us quickly grew and wrapped around the outside of the building.
The wait was long and quite hot, but it gave us the chance to learn the Jalapapa dance. For those of you wondering what the heck that is, check the videos above. Lauren and I first learned of the dance on BTOB Diary and made it our mission to learn it so we could break out into random dance at KCON. We got a few strange looks from folks in line, but we didn't care.
After 3 hours, we were finally inside and had our benefits scratchers in hand. If you purchase tickets to any of the KCON concerts, you get certain benefits assigned based off of your ticket level. The higher the price of the tickets the more benefits you receive. This included audience engagements, Hi-touch opportunities and red carpet events. The downside is the benefits are at random and you have no way of choosing which you would like to attend. When you check in at KCON, they hand you scratch off cards very similar to lottery tickets.
Lauren and I were very excited to discover we had Block B audience engagement passes in our possession. We also received GFriend passes but weren't lucky enough to snag anything with Monsta X. Our passes were both for events being held on Saturday so I will detail that experience on the next card.
The convention is huge and slightly overwhelming upon first entry. Everywhere you look there are booths, activities and competitions. Pretty much every company you've ever heard of related to Korean entertainment and culture is at KCON, and some you haven't heard of are here too.
Every booth has some sort of interactive activity set up and many offer free swag or chances to win cool prizes. Social-networking is the focus here so most companies have incentives for tagging them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Some booths would give you free merch for showing them your post, others had a prize wheel you could spin.
The one booth I knew we were going to hit belonged to Snack Fever. I was super excited they were at KCON and couldn't wait to see what they had set up. We waited in line and spun the wheel. The prizes were FULL SIZE Korean snacks! They also had a photo op setup complete with props so naturally we had to take advantage.
We hit The Music Mind booth and took pics with our BTS biases. Glow Recipe and Egg Bun also had neat booths. DramaFever was there we got some love from their Pig Bunny.
Toyota had a blow up obstacle course that Lauren and I challenged each other to. I wish I had video so you could fully appreciate my pain. Just imagine my ass climbing over a wall in a dress and corset. I mooned the entire convention as I went bum over head down the other side. The vinyl burns are still healing. #yolo
There are a ton of Kpop merch booths and I hit them all during KCON. BTOB is my bias group and I was on a mission to find BTOB merch. This was not an easy task. We finally found their most recent album Remember That at a neat booth. The girls who worked it were clearly Melodies and were quite excited that we were both purchasing the album. They informed us we were the first people to buy it and it was the end of the day. We talked BTOB with them for a little while and purchased a few non-BTOB items before moving on.
I managed to find the only copy of BTOB's MOVE at the convention at another booth a few minutes later. Whenever we would approach a new merch booth Lauren and I would divide and conquer in search of any BTOB items. After browsing this particular merch booth, we came up empty handed. We were trying to flag down the guy who worked there to inquire if they had anything when I noticed a bump in the tarp covering the table of albums. Many albums were stacked in piles with duplicates underneath and while it looked like this bump was precisely that, I decided to check under the top stack of albums and discovered MOVE. Another girl next to me got excited when she realized what it was. Sorry fellow Melody, this CD was mine and I wasn't setting it back down.
We asked the staff if they had more copies and they didn't even know they had that one. This meant Lauren wasn't able to get her own copy. Sorry Lauren.
Koreatown here in LA has a street fair called Night Market on certain weekends during the summer. For KCON, they were able to snag the food trucks from the Ktown Night Market to come feed us. They set up the food area on the other side of the Staples Center and in order to get there you had to walk a couple blocks. The temps during KCON were pretty high so you'd arrive back at the convention completely drenched.
We feasted on this fancy potato after the end of the first day. Yes, @LemonLassie has boba in a beer cozy hanging from her neck. lol
We also found these delicious custard filled pancake things. We ate so many of them, we probably could have financially supported that food truck by ourselves.
From KCON we ventured to the Escape Room LA to meet up with other Vinglers and attempt to escape The Cavern.
Seen here are @Kissofdeath316 @twistedPuppy @Stephany123 @BrennaTran and the lovely Tanae who needs to get on Vingle!
Yes, we dabbed in our group pic!
An escape room is just what it sounds like. You're locked in a room and you have to use the clues inside to figure out how to escape before the time limit runs out. The theme of the Cavern is of a long abandoned archeological site miles underneath the streets of Los Angeles. Why is it abandoned? What happened to the archeologists who were excavating it? The only way to find out is to search their findings and belongings and put together puzzles they were working on when they disappeared.
There is a capacity for each escape room and aside from us Kpoppers, we were joined by one, poor, unfortunate soul named Jeremy. He was in town for a gaming event and was supposed to have a bunch of friends join him at the escape room. Sadly, as they were all flying in from different parts of the country, Jeremy's flight was the only one that hadn't been delayed. So he showed up by himself, suitcase in hand and walked in to find us crazy kpop fangirls. He was a good sport though and we ended up exchanging out SNS and we snapped him from KCON while he snapped us from his event.
So how did we do at the escape room? Did we solve the puzzle and get out in time?
Sadly, we did not. We came close. We just needed a little more time. But it was a blast and we made some new friends, including Jeremy.
After the escape room, we had to coordinate getting everyone home/to their hotel via my one car and Uber. It included walking around downtown LA, navigating Koreatown, texting/calling and stuffing 7 people and all our stuff in my compact vehicle. Shenanigans were had and in the end Lauren and I got home after 1am again.
This time, we were much better prepared for the next day of KCON. We knew what to expect now and we packed our bags (much lighter because you end up getting so much free stuff) and made our game plan for Day 2 of KCON.
It sounds like so much fun. KCon NY didn't have a lot of vendors, and it was all outside. Your experience sounds like so much fun.
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It was awful.....so hot. Angela and I had so much sunscreen on and kept reapplying so we didn't get burnt (I'm a red head, so I burn very easily). We saw people the second day that did get a sunburn the first and they looked miserable. Since I drove over to the venue, we had a cooler filled with drinks. While we were waiting in line for the concert the second night, Angela ran back to the car and loaded up on water and Gatorade for everyone around us. I was afraid a couple of girls were going to pass out. I had someone collapse right in front of me the first day at the red carpet event, and I didn't want that to happen again. Somehow I ended up being eomma to a group of teens both nights of the concert....I still haven't figured that one out.
I miss Jeremy!!
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Would you like it?
lol kept us waiting awhile lol
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@LemonLassie oh wow xD
omg.....you posted my beer coozy.....next time i will have actual beer in that coozy! AND JEREMY!!!!!! WE WERE HIS HAREM!!!!