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WARNING: Adult Situations
“How are you going to hide this from him?” you ask Jak as you look in the backseat.
“I checked with him; we’ll be celebrating his birthday with nuthang’s on his actual birthday and then his mom and sister are coming over this weekend. As long as it’s out of the guest room by the time we get back and at the hotel, it should all be good.”
A voice pipes up from the backseat, “And just when did I become a ‘this’ and ‘it’? I’m offended.”
You laugh as Jak just rolls her eyes, “You know I love you.”
“Hmph. Rude.”
“So, you and Jak went off on a secret mission today,” Gil states as he snuggles up behind you, trying to get information.
“Yep, but my lips are sealed. Just tell Ji you’ll get nothing from me;” you turn and look him in the eye, “and I mean that literally if you push it.”
“Ouch. Not worth it.”
He pulls you close and covers your lips in a mind blowing kiss. “Sure, you can’t give me even a little hint?”
You bite his lip and step back. “That was dirty; you really don’t want to play dirty do you?” From the mischievous look in his eye you have to add, “I’m not talking about fun dirty.”
He sighs, grabs his phone and dials.
“Sorry bro, no go.” There’s a pause before he laughs, “Your threats are meaningless, she threatened me with abstinence. You’re on your own.”
You walk past him into the kitchen and pat his rear on the way, “Good boy.”
The club is hopping by the time all the nuthang’s arrive for Jiyong’s party. If any had gifts for him, they were given privately; the club was for dinner, dancing, and celebrating. Jak made sure she’d had lots of caffeine and that you’d had enough sugar so that it didn’t matter that the two of you don’t drink. You’d be just as bouncy and hyper as everyone else.
“Have you given it to him yet?”
“It’s dumb, why did I think to give it to him here in front of everyone?” Jak whines.
“Because it’s YOU and he’ll love it and everyone will laugh because it’s perfect,” you console her.
“Ugh, I don’t know.”
“Let me get my camera, he’s done greeting everyone and just standing there looking for you – it’s the perfect time.”
Jak pants, “Okay.”
You speed walk over to Gil, standing so that you can get a picture of Jiyong’s face when he opens his present.
Jak walks up behind him and wraps her arms around his waist. You can’t see her head until she gets on her tip toes and kisses his neck. He leans towards her and she whispers in his ear “Happy Birthday Babe”.
She slides a long narrow box into his hand and steps to the side to see his reaction, biting her lip.
He tilts his head and looks at her, “You know you didn’t have to get me anything.”
“Yes, it is very difficult shopping for the man who has or owns everything. But you don’t have this, I checked.”
He raises an eyebrow; pulls the ribbon off and opens the lid. He doubles over with laughter, then throws his head back, grabs Jak and gives her a big kiss.
“It’s perfect, totally you. I love it!”
Jak’s smile lights up her whole face, “Good.” Then she whispers, “The rest of your present is waiting at home.”
He gives her a sultry, devilish look, “My favorite,” and gives her a longer, more passionate kiss.
Wolf whistles ensue, along with “Hey, what is it?”
Jiyong lets Jak go and pulls out a spoon that's nestled in the box. All his buddies laugh and clap, Jak takes a bow. Jiyong puts it in his back pocket and drags Jak out onto the dance floor.
Gil leans over and whispers in your ear, “From that kiss, I’m thinking this party might not last as long previous ones. But he does have the right idea.”
With that he stands up, grabs your hand and leads you out to join Jak and Ji on the dance floor.
“It may be Ji’s birthday but I think we should celebrate also,” Gil whispers as he nibbles on the side of your neck against the front door.
You tilt your head and sigh, “You always want to celebrate, didn’t know you needed a reason.”
He lifts his head with a delicious smile, “You are what I celebrate, everyday.”
He punches in the house code, picks you up and walks in, slamming the door closed with his foot. When he dumps you on the couch you look up with a question.
“Really? Haven’t we already christened everything in this room already?”
He looks around like he’s seriously considering, “Yep. Darn. Stay put.”
In a minute you hear the water running in the bathtub and him whistling. A few minutes later a shirtless, sexy man comes back to pick you up again. You rub your hands over his back and lean down to bite his shoulder.
“Tsk tsk.. patience, you’ll ruin everything!”
You look up unrepentant as he slides your body down his in the bathroom. He begins with the buttons of your shirt as you stare up at him.
He grins, “What no complaints?”
“Why would I complain? I like it when you do things for me,” you smirk.
He growls at you, “What? Am I your servant now woman?”
You begin assisting him with his jeans.
“Only if I get to play Master.”
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