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Anime:Fukigen na Mononokean This anime is about the wonderful things of yokai,but not how the yokai are bad but how the have feelings like me or you.p.s. I secretly ship Ashiya and Abeno
Anime:Servamp Servamp is a funny yet mystery anime about the vampires named after humans bad traites and the humans also known as eves to fight along side the.Also eves feed them.
Anime:Amaama to Inazuma Okay sorry this one is a little of track form those action animes up there but this is a really cute anime about a man who lost his wife and is taking care of his daughter alone.Them to meet and get to know one of the students of the single father.
want more new or old to watch just comment the gener you want to see and I will get you some❤
Ahahahaha I'm watching all three of these~ I totally love them. I read the manga for the 1st and 3rd animes. I'd like to read Servamp but finding it on my manga reader app was kinda bust lol
the 3 one reminds me of the manga : Faster than a kiss