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A whine like groan came from your lips as you stretched out on the bed, your arms leaving the covers to complete the stretch. The air outside of the fluffy covers was easily the coldest you had ever felt so you hurry to pull your arms back into the protection of the covers warmth.
The image of JongUp between your legs disappeared and you looked down to where his head would have been, if you hadn’t woken up. The lingering feeling was slowly becoming colder. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to go back to the same dream, but your body was suddenly fluttering with need.
With a small huff you looked to the side of the bed in hopes to find a human shaped ball of warmth that you could wake up to relive your naughty dream, but there was only more cold air. Jongup wasn’t in bed.
You close your eyes but you knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep so you decided on something different. The count to three was quick and then you threw the covers back, ran out of the room and into the hallway where the floors were heated.
It was better that Jongup was awake. This way his mind would be clear and his movements would be stronger. A bliss of red came to your cheeks with the thought as you walked down the hall.
“Sure sure. We could do that.” Jongup's voice ran through the hall.
You rounded the wall to see him sitting on the sofa. Jongup had a phone pressed to his ear with a pen and paper in front of him. His white shirt looked so soft and you walked over with the fantasy of resting your head on the fabric.
Jongup leaned forward to take a note of something, but you saw the opportunity as the perfect way to sneak under his arm. You reached for his shoulder and Jongup pulled out his arm for you. His neck craning to see the paper. Your legs go around one of his thighs as he continues talking.
“Thursday?” He asked over the phone as you settle on his leg.
His thigh fit perfectly between your legs and the slight friction was bringing back your dream. Bit by bit.
“Hey baby.” Jongup said as you lay your head on his shoulder.
You hum into his neck and you push your nose onto his skin with a kiss.
“No. Hyung, I’m not talking to you.” Jongup pushed his neck against your nose as he continues his conversation.
He smelled so good and the white shirt was almost too soft. You run your hands over his shoulders as you nuzzle your head into his neck, the feeling of the soft wrinkles making you smile.
You placed a kiss on his shoulder. Then another up onto the base of his neck and so on. Soon you were peppering Jongup with so many little kisses and licks, that you got a soft groan out of him. Your body was getting hotter with each little kiss you gifted him.
Jongup pushed the phone away from his lips so he could groan before he brought it back as he cleared his throat.
You weren’t exactly sure when your legs started bucking, but you felt Jongup push his thigh up between your moving legs. A moan came from your lips and you quickly tried hide it in his shirt.
“Shit.” Jongup breathed his curse, causing your hips to buck quicker.
“Fuck baby, keep going.” He groaned his request.
The words sounded close to a demand and it made you even wetter.
You continue to kiss his neck as your hips roll onto his thigh. Your panties were shamefully wet and you wondered if he could feel it.
“No. Hyung, not you; sorry. What were you saying?” His neck was so soft as you kissed him and kissing him felt even better when he was talking. The way his neck moved while he talked made you want to kiss him even more.
You took a small part of his neck into your mouth and began sucking on it. Your body moved even harder with the idea of leaving a mark on Jongup.
Jongup brought his hand to your lower back and you felt that he was still holding the pen. He leaned back a bit on the sofa and took you with him. You kissed the beautiful dark circle on his neck and breathed up to his ear.
“I had a dream about you.” You whisper at the base of his ear with your eyes closed.
“Shit.”Jongup turned his head towards your touch as he pushed back the phone to groan his response.
Jongup brought his head to the side of your face and kissed your temple as he pushed the phone fully away from his body.
“Tell me about it, baby.” He whispered. His voice, low and extremely sexy.
You rocked your hips harder on his leg as you brought your lips to his ear again. Jongup brought his hand down to hold your ass as you rocked on his pants. He pushed his leg up again and you moaned into his ear.
Jongup responded to your noise by biting his lip and groaning. You liked this effect you had.
“We were at YongGuks house party.” You said, moving your hips slowly against his thigh so you could whisper into his ear.
“You took me to his room and laid me on his bed.” Jongup hummed as you licked his ear, you couldn’t help it.
His hand came to your hair and pulled you somehow closer to him before returning to your ass and pushing you harder onto himself.
Jongup let out a small moan at the little surprised yelp that came from you.
“You told me to be a good girl.” You said as you held onto his shoulders.
Jongup groaned and you watched as his throat moved with the sound.
“You said I had to be quiet and that I had to listen to everything you said.” Jongup pushed his leg up between your leg again, causing you to moan the last part of your sentence into his ear.
“I was a good girl.” Jongup hummed his frustration and moaned into your hair. You loved this reaction and you showed him by rocking harder onto his thigh.
“But you still teased me.” You said as Jongup nodded into his phone call.
He pushed his chest closer to you with an inhale and pressed his thigh up against your throbbing core. You could feel how hard he was and your riding his thigh was allowing him some much needed friction.
“You made me hold my hands above my head while you licked me up and down. Over..” You twisted your hips on his thigh to maximize the pleasure.
“And over.” You drew out your words as you kissed his neck. The sound of your voice sounded a little different as it echoes off of his skin.
You remember how in your dream every time you were about to come he would pull up and say how good you tasted. It drove you crazy and you loved it.
“Fuck.” He groaned as you hummed into his neck with the memory.
A low hum came from Jongup as he pressed his lips together. He brought up his leg again and you quietly moaned in his ear.
“Hyung? Do you think I could call you back?” He voiced on the phone.
You pushed your sex down onto his thigh as you rock on him. Jongup watched your waist. Hunger filling his eyes as you ride his thigh.
“Thank you.” He said over the phone before sliding the hangup option and tossing it onto the table.
Jongup grabbed your thigh and brought it around his other leg. This action brought both of your sexes together and caused both of you to groan.
“Come on, baby.” He said as he stood.
“Let me put you back you sleep.” Jongups words echoed through your entire body and
you snuggled your head against his shoulder with an anticipating hum.
His hands held your ass as he walked you through the hall. Your legs were wrapped around his waist as you pinched the fabric on his shoulder with your lips.
Jongup set you on the bed with a soft groan before reaching back and pulling off his shirt. You watched as he did. His body was beautiful, so beautiful.
Jongup's lips came to yours and snapped you from the complete thought of his body.
You moaned into the kiss just as he groaned into it. His body pushed against yours and you laid back onto the bed.
Jongups cool hands came to your thigh and pulled your leg around him. His hand sliding up your thigh and under your short, small nightie.
You whined against his lips as his hand found your nipples exposed. Jongup immediately grabbed onto one of them as he groaned against your lips and pushed his tongue deeper into your mouth.
“Naughty.” He groaned as he broke for a second of air before coming back to your lips.
You tried to gasp for air but you didn’t get much of it. Jongup shifted. Resting on his other arm as he brought the other hand under your nightie and to your other nipple. You squirmed under him and he groaned into your mouth.
His tongue dominated your mouth as his fingers brought out whines and moans from you.
Jongups lips broke from yours and you gulped up as much air as you could. He pushed his head into the crook of your neck without hesitation. You tilted your head slightly to allow him more room as he started kissing your skin.
The hand on your nipple moved south as Jongup kissed down your shoulder. His hand finding the hem of your nightie and pulling it up just passed your breasts. Jongup easily moved from your inner arm to your breasts with a groan.
You moan at the feeling of his lips steeling your nipple as his hand goes down to the place that wanted his touch the most. Another moan spilled from your lips as Jongup roughly stroked your clit through your panties.
“Fuck.” He groaned into your chest before coming up to look at your face.
“Your so wet, Y/N.” Jongups eyes were on yours while he spoke.
A smirk started to slide onto his face as he continues to rub you. You moan at his touch and he chuckles before going back to your breasts.
Jongups hand stops on your sex and you whine as your body squirms for more of his touch.
Jongup moves down, leaving little kisses on the way. Jongups lower half was off the bed and he rested on his knees as he reached forward and grabbed your legs to pull you down on the bed. Your throbbing core was now dangerously close to his lips.
Jongup brings his hands to your waist and hooks them around your panties. You rock your hips up but he doesn’t pull your panties down. Instead he brings his beautiful face forward and kisses you through the thin cloth.
You throw your head back and moan as you push your hands up above your head for more support. You make sure to keep your waist up in case he decides to take your panties.
“Baby? That dream of yours?” He questions as he slowly started to pull down your soaked panties.
“Was it a bit like this?” Jongups question caused you to hum with the thought.
Your dream had started to fade, yet you remember what you had told him. You nod down to Jongup and he smiles as he pulls your panties off from around your feet.
Jongup took your ankles in either of his hands and put them over his shoulders. A new hunger coming into his eyes as he flattened his tongue and licked up your slit, stopping at your clit to give it a kiss. Your whole body tightened with the touch, a moan falling from your lips as your hips buck up.
“Hmm.” He moaned.
“So good.” Jongup groaned as he tilted his head up a bit.
His eyes were closed and the image of him between your legs holding your thighs open was doing so much for you.
Jongup leaned his head back down, his tongue giving you little kitten like licks that had
you whining for more. He swirled his tongue at your entrance and then licked up to your swollen clit.
“Jongup.” You moaned as you pushed your head into the mattress and arched your body up.
Jongup hummed into you and you rocked your hips into the vibration.
He flattened his tongue and licked you up again and then again. Your thighs were shaking against his grip and you tried to push his head in between them but he held you so firmly as he continues to lick you. You moan for him and he licks you again.
“Shit.” He groans into your core winning him another moan and a rock of your hips.
Jongup came up from your center, still holding your thighs on either side of his head.
“You’re so fucking sweet, baby.” He groaned as he found your eyes.
You bite your lip at his curse. Jongup groans at his sight of you and stands, his hands going to his pants as he nods up at you.
“Scoot up, baby.” He ordered.
You didn’t waste any time in obeying Jongup. You pulled up your weight with your arms as you kicked your way up to the pillows.
Jongup pushed down his pants and his hard member came free. You hummed at the sight.
He brought his hands to the bed and climbed up. Jongup watched your body as he slowly made his way between your legs.
You couldn’t help wrapping your legs around him. Jongup brought his upper body closer to you as he lines his lips with yours. His hand came to your leg that was wrapped around him. He slowly felt down to the side of your ass as his eyes looked at your lips.
You couldn’t wait any longer so you pulled your head up to meet his lips. Jongup immediately returned the favor and licked at your lip that was already open for him. He groaned into the kiss and you wave your body against him. His erect member coming in contact with your inner thigh.
Jongup groans as he brings his hands to your waist and pushes down. This took you back to the bed but let you keep your legs wrapped around him. He broke the kiss to line himself up with you and push in.
Your hands grabbed for his shoulders as you moan. Jongup grinds down onto you and you moan with the new movement. A grunt coming from his lips as he decides not to give you a lot of time to get used to him.
“You’re so tight, Y/N.” He groans as he continues his grind.
Your hands hold his shoulders as close they could. The angle you were at gave you the best view of Jongups face and chest. His collarbones looking delicious in front of your lips.
Jongup brought his hands to your legs that were wrapped around him and shifted your entire body beneath him. His strong arms moving you like it was nothing. Jongup twitches inside of you with the movement and you moan loudly at sensation.
“Fuck, baby.” He cursed as his movements got deeper.
“Jongup.” You groan.
Jongup brings his hands under your ass and pulls you up slightly to meet his hits. You moan at this action as it allows him to hit that spot inside of you that made you cried out for more.
“Jongup. Please.” You cry as you hold tighter to his shoulders.
“What do you want, baby?” Jongup groan-whispers into your ear as he picks you up again to meet his grind.
Your body shutters with Jongups voice as your toes curl with the fire in your tummy.
“Please. Go faster.” You beg through your moan.
Jongup held tighter to your bottom as he granted your request.
His hips moved faster and faster as his arms pull you up in the motions. You scream at the amount of times he hit your g spot. Your nails dig into his arms and he groans into your neck.
Your legs tighten around his waist as he pounds you over and over.
“Jongup!” You cry as your body teases its limits.
“Oh, Y/N.” He groans between his airy grunts.
“Jongup, I-” you tense under him as your stomach clenches.
“Come on. Come for me, Y/N. Come for me.” Your name on his lips was your undoing.
You bite down on his shoulder as you come. The feeling of his salty chewy skin between your teeth adding so much to your pleasure. Your body shook around him and with your clenching core he found his release easily.
You panted as Jongup held your lower back and set you back onto the bed. His breathing was just as crazy as yours when he turned from you to find the covers.
“Good night kiss?” You asked as he pulled up the covers and brought them over your legs.
“Of course.” He said before he brought his lips to yours.
The kiss was brief and when he backed away it was only for a short time as he brought his knees to either side of your head and held his member out to your lips.
“There you go.” He says as you bring your lips up.
Jongup groans as you kiss his wet tip and you lick your lips. It tasted kind of sweet and kind of salty but definitely sticky. You swallow both of your juices down as Jongup stands above you and jumps off the bed.
“Sleep well, baby.” He says with a kiss to your temple.
Jongup adjusts your nightie and pulls up the covers to your neck before he starts gathering up his clothes.
You wanted to watch him as he left and maybe even follow him to the living room again, but sleep was trying to cuddle with you. Your eyes felt heavy as the bed swallowed any of your coldness and made you warm.
“I have to go call YongGuk Hyung back. I love you, Y/N.” He said at the door.
You fluttered your eyes open as you parted your lips.
“I love you, Jongup.” You whisper as your eye lids got heavy again.
“Dream of me.” He said as dreamland invited you back into its world.
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