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My favorite thing about Changsub....hmm....was isn't there to like?
My daughter and I sorta' have nicknames for some of the idols. We call Changsub Underwear boy sometimes. BTOB did a short show called Feel So Goods, and when you put 3 of the older members together, they become...well, see for yourself. I do recommend watching the series, as it will only take less than an hour of your time.
Changsub has an amazing voice. I don't think anyone can deny that. I love it when Changsub and EunKwang did the duet for special Idol Singing Contest. Not only do they sound great, but the two of them together are just funny. From what I understand, they did win one of the categories. I have only seen clips.
Changsub is the king of the derp faces. EunKwang may be the only one that could possibly come close to Changsub.
He doesn't seem to care if he's being filmed or not.
Changsub is the sleeper of the group. He can literally fall asleep ANYWHERE and at any time. If he disappears during a practice, the other members know to go find him. He'll be asleep somewhere.
Changsub falling asleep in his Goofy costume like this is so cute.
I love the relationship Changsub has with maknae Sungjae. I would consider them best friends, and you can always see the love between them.
Lastly, Changsub loves Melody.
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I love Changsub! Such a cutie, such a sweetie and those pipes!
Changsub is the ultimate cutie!