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📝Tabloism📝 8-22-2016
Tablo makes me think. In a good way. He's honestly such a beautiful lyricist, so intelligent, and ridiculously talented. I decided to start a collection for Tablo quotes, song lyrics & BloNotes for those days when I need an extra push to get thru whatever's going on in my head. I'll post a quote aka Tabloism and my own little blurb along with it.
My dear children, There is strength in tears. There is strength in recognizing your weaknesses. There is strength in accepting your faults and knowing your limits. There is strength admitting you can't do it alone. There is strength in forgiving yourself and choosing to greet tomorrow.... for the only true weakness is giving up entirely. ♥♡♥♡ @B0RNHATER
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Tablo is life💕
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I need this honestly. Tablo is such a beautiful writer and his lyrics are gold to me.
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@SassyMaknae thank you for the tag! I love this! Followed the collection the moment I saw it! 💚
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Oh I love his snapchats
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