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In Korea it is common for celebrities to spend their money on their parents.

They usually buy their parents a nice house or apartment, and then buy them a small business they can run.

In many cases, idols buy their parents restaurants or cafes!

Here are a few eateries in Korea run by idol parents!

Cafe DaNi

Niel from Teen Top

You'll hear Teen Top songs played 24/7 and you can even order a Niel latte complete with lip latte art (since Niel is famous for his full lips) It's filled with fan art and fan gifts as well as pictures of Niel eeeeeeverywhere.

Inchang Jjukkumi

Dongwoo from Infinite!

Dongwoo bought his parents a spicy octopus restaurant and its a hot spot for Inspirits. Infinite is known to eat there a lot and his parents are always there to greet you (his dad looks so much like him!)

Meok & Sam

Woohyun from Infinite!

Woohyun bought his mom a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant and fans often meet his mom and his older brother there. Its filled with pictures of Woohyun and fans have said that they've even seen him there when he doesn't have schedule!

Hwang's Eel Restaurant

Minhyuk from CNBlue!

Wiki Cafe

Sungmin from Super Junior!

Upstairs there is a mailbox where you can drop fan letters for Sungmin and his brother might even take your order >.<

Viva Polo

Chanyeol from EXO!

Chanyeol's mom owns an Italian restaurant devoted to Chanyeol. He even hand-wrote his recommendations onto the menu!

Mouse Rabbit Cafe

Yesung from Super Junior!

This cafe is run by Yesung's mother and brother and is designed to look like a rabbit's home. Yesung helped design much of the interior!

Whose cafe would you like to visit?

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All of them!!
a year agoReply
All 馃槒 but I'd start with Chanyeol!
a year agoReply
youngji from KARA, her parents owns a cafe
a year agoReply
DONGWOOOOOO'S!! And are there no female idols known for doing this?
a year agoReply
def chanyeol's mom place but heck I'll never get there lol
a year agoReply