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The night of the concert has your nerves screaming. It would be the first time that you’ve seen the guys since the blow up. Tong wanted to get you backstage and VIP passes but you and Angeline already had them. It isn’t the first time you’ve been backstage and to the pre-show; but it will be the first time that you aren’t just another face in the crowd.
You arrive to stand in line with everyone else, 2 hrs before pre-show. Angeline has spent the first 30 minutes trying to help calm your nerves. She's telling horrible jokes and singing their songs horribly off key. You can’t help but laugh and roll your eyes at her. No one has any idea who she is; she has done a great make-up job and has a totally realistic wig on. Since you both have your DeLish shirts and jeans on, you blend right in with the crowd.
Once you finally start to breathe and get your mind off what you’re doing, a hand taps you on the shoulder. You turn to see a security guard behind you and your heart rate ratchets right back up.
“Can I help you?” you ask him.
“Ms. Atlantic and guest?” he inquires.
You look at Angeline and then nod. “Is there a problem?”
He speaks into his wrist, puts his hand behind your back and finally states; “No problem. Please come with me.”
Angeline grabs onto you, as to not lose the two of you in the crowd. While passing everyone in line; screams begin as a giant panda comes out to shake hands with the fans and take pictures. As you go to pass, the panda grabs you in a giant hug. You freeze, unsure of what to do. You know exactly who’s in the costume and he’s the one you least want to see. You simply awkwardly pat him on the back so that he’ll release you. Once he lets go, you look up into his fake eyes and the panda head drops. But the show must go on, so it moves over to the rest of the crowd.
“Was that ...?” Angeline asks as you nod and continue after the guard.
The two of you are shown into the dressing room since there is still another hour before the pre-show meet and greet begins. The first to notice you walk in is Ae. He comes over, stops 2 feet in front of you and bows low. Your eyes fill as you ruffle his hair and make him stand back up. You wrap him in a hug as he whispers in your ear,
“Forgive me Noona? I am so sorry. No one else will ever hurt you again under my watch.”
You squeeze him tighter and smile. There’s a cough behind him and you look up to find Tong watching the two of you quizzically. Your eyes soften and you smile just for him.
“Enough,” he says tapping Ae on the shoulder. “I told you that you could hug her, not maul her. Hands off now.”
Ae winks at you as he lets you go and bows to Angeline before heading off to finish getting ready.
“Wow. This is much earlier than the ticket says....what gives?”
He smiles as he takes your hands, then leans down and gives you a peck on the lips.
“I thought you’d be more comfortable seeing the guys for the first time, without an audience. No?”
“Yes, thank you.”
You reach up and smooth his cheek, but he captures your hand and kisses your palm. He turns to Angeline and gives a slight bow.
“Angeline. It’s good to see you again. This time I can tell you, I’m a big fan.”
She laughs and waves him off, winking.
“Thank you. However, I know who your favorite force of nature is.” She looks around and recognizes people she knows in the corner. “I think I’ll go mingle and let you know.”
She wiggles her fingers as she saunters off with a swing in her hips, tugging off the wig as she goes.
You laugh as you watch her greet make-up artists and hair stylists, “She’s been dying to take that thing off since she put it on,” you exclaim.
Tong looks after her with a smile. “I agree with her; they’re itchy.”
He turns his attention back to you, “You didn’t happen to run into Reef outside did you?”
You nod, looking down and away.
He brings your face back to his, “Noona. It is not your responsibility to make him feel better. He has much to ask forgiveness for. A letter is good but doesn’t end it, he is aware of that. Would you like me to run interference for you?”
What did you ever do to deserve this man? You reach up on your toes and give him a kiss on the lips, “Yes please.”
“It will be done.”
He takes your hand and leads you over to the couches, and hands you a drink.
“I have to get to wardrobe, I’ll be right back.”
You nod, take a sip of the drink and give him a quizzical look.
“You’ve still never answered me how you know about this. Honestly, did Mr. Kim spill?”
The sexiest little boy look creases his face as he shakes his head, “Nope and I’ll never tell.”
With that he turns and walks over to the changing room door. He turns back at the last minute, blows you a secret kiss and shuts the door.
Silent clicks and a face full of consternation stares in deep concentration at the recent pictures in their gallery. Two women; they could pass as normal, but only if you didn't work in this world. They have to be somebodys, they just know it. The one in the wig looks really familiar, but it’s the one holding tightly to Ae and then kissing Tong that holds their interest more.
Coming back into the room from the errand they were sent on, they find the two women sitting on the couch, heads together, laughing. The wig is now gone from the second one, and the recognition hits; that’s Terra! They quickly snap a picture and head over to deposit on the table what they were sent out for. There is time now that the meet and greet is about to begin.
Who is that with Terra? Their mind whirs with questions as they open Google.
and just when i thought things were starting to cool down. suspenseful cliff hangers are going to be the death of me.
Things are starting to be good. why does this stupid stranger have to stick their nose where I doesn't belong?! Here, let me at 'em!
Dundundun....and the cliffhanger comes!!! Aaaarrrrggghhh you all really get me with those cliffhangers!! I am so enjoying it and picturing it as I read it *sigh*
😨😓 Here we go. *braces for impact*
AWWWWWWWW SCHITT!!! It's about to go down!!
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