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Hey Guys! So I've actually been trying to come up with more games for you guys! The only problem is I cant decide what Anime to chose from!! TuT its really hard lol... So id love to ask you guys which Anime would you guys like to play Next!

The Following Anime's are the ones I have been debating to make the games out of xD Which ever gets the most votes in the comment's will be the next game! Or if you guys also like another anime and has a lot of comments as well then that will be the second Anime Game! So let's get to the Voting!!

Gintama! I love this anime and with all the amazing characters in this anime how wouldn't it be an awesome game!

Tokyo Ghoul! Another one of my Favorites!!! This is another Anime that would be pretty awesome to make as a game especially with the whole Ghoul or Human idea running through me head xD

The Seven Deadly Sins!! Yasss This would be another great Anime Game! TuT can you guys understand why I'm having trouble now!

And last but definitely not least... Assassination Classroom!!! Awesome Anime and amazing characters to make a game out of!

Please! Help Me! xD Vote the anime you would like me to make as an anime game! Most votes/commented WINS!

Tagging! (If you would like to be removed let me know & If you would like to be added Ask as well!)

Tokyo Ghoul or Seven Deadly Sins😍😍
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@Boinx There actually is enough to create a game tho
I'll vote for Assassination Classroom!!!!!
tokyo ghoul
tag me please! my vote is for Tokyo Ghoul
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@AimeBolanos thanks! 😋
No problem 🙌
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